A representative for Miley Cyrus has blasted reports her family is planning an intervention to save her from a Britney Spears-esque meltdown, insisting the rumor is "ridiculous".

A publication carried a story this week alleging the former Hannah Montana singer/actress' loved ones are "seriously worried" about her state of mind after she lost a dramatic amount of weight and had her hair cut into a close-cropped pixie style earlier this month.

The report alleged Cyrus' parents and her fiancé, actor Liam Hemsworth, fear she could be the "next Hollywood casualty" and want to intervene in her life - but an aide to the star has brushed off the allegation.

A rep for Cyrus tells GossipCop.com the report is "ridiculous".

Spears was taken for psychiatric assessment in 2008 after she suffered a public meltdown and engaged in a series of bizarre antics, including shaving her head.