Miley Cyrus dons a skimpy black leather outfit and raps about twerking and "popping molly" in's latest music video.

The video is for his new single Feelin' Myself, which is a fairly by-the-numbers rap song about long chains and nice cars. It's formulaic - even for, whose best-known lyrics include "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday / Friday, Saturday, to Sunday." However, Miley's involvement is making the new song buzzy.

During her verse Miley sings, "Now everybody trippin' like they poppin' molly / Up in the club, is where you can find me / I do it real big never do it tiny /If you about that bulls--t please don't remind me / I step in this mother--ker just to make it work / I get on the floor just to make that booty twerk / Shake, shake that ass like a, like an expert."

Miley is featured throughout the rest of the video, mostly fawning over as he raps about touring worldwide and having a car with suicide doors. Check it out above.