Miley Cyrus danced around a pole in a skimpy pair of shorts flanked by scantly-clad dancers during her performance of 'Party in the USA' at the Teen Choice Awards. Is this too much for a 16-year-old at a kid's show? Pics & video below...

Miley, who turns 17 on November 23, seems to be making a concious effort to shed her young image. She showed up to the 11th annual Awards show in a super short mini skirt and tank top (scroll down for pics).

At the show she won six awards, comedy TV show and actress for "Hannah Montana;" music/dance movie actress and hissy fit for "Hannah Montana: The Movie;" music single for "The Climb" and summer song for "Before the Storm" with the Jonas Brothers. (Full list of TCA winners here)

She also presented Britney Spears, who wore a short black dress, with the Ultimate Choice Award saying "I'm a huge fans of hers."

Last week a Georgia man was charged with attempting to stalk Miley Cyrus after he returned to the set where she is filming a movie near Savannah weeks after police warned him to stay away.

Scroll down for a bunch of Miley Cyrus pole dancing pictures and red carpet pics. Is it OK for a 16-year-old dress like this? Leave your comments below!

A fan taped Miley's performance, watch it here, we're not sure how long it will be up:

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