Miley Cyrus half-brother Trace has released a new video for his single, "Sippin' On Sunshine," which features a cameo by the actress - along with someone who looks a bit like former fiancee Brenda Song.

The singer/guitarist released his single and a new album, "Geronimo," under the name Ashland HIGH, the new 'band' he formed when his former group, Metro Station, parted ways in 2010.

The video and the song are - to be blunt - pretty awful and quite a bit creepy. The girl playing Trace's love interest looks like she doesn't want to be there (or was forced to be there); and Trace's dancing is really awkward. He enters his house (actually Miley's in real life) and hugs and high-fives everyone as if he's the guest of honor at a party.

Everyone at the party is carrying around a red Solo cup, implying that there's a keg there somewhere; and - hey, is that a bunch of medicinal marijuana on that coffee table?

60% of the votes on YouTube give it "thumbs down"; but judging by most of the comments, the "thumbs up" votes are from people who like it only because Miley makes an appearance in it.

"[D]ammit this video music such a disaster, im here just to see MY LEE," says one user; while another shows a little respect for Trace, "Love this guy... but my opinion is - he? CAN'T sing."

Most of the comments are negative, including some that question if the video was made with an iPhone; wile others say it's "much better without the sound."

"[T]his video needs way more than 1 dislike button surrounding it!" said user 'habstein.' "It's a crime just to pretend this is music. Gosh, there go 12 seconds of my life."

Trace's body art even received lots of comments; like, "When this guy's an old man, he'll regret every single one of those tattoos. And this song."

You can download (if you really want to) Trace's entire Ashland HIGH album, "Geronimo," for FREE at his official site.

Here's an 80s classic that will help get that awful sunshine taste out of your mouth...