Miley Cyrus really wants to expose herself to the world -- and not just with her music. The singer is shocking again after posing for a series of racy, semi-nude images for acclaimed celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.

The 20-year-old singer leaves little to the imagination, nearly baring all in the new shoot, which features her in a very high-cut red thong leotard. She also poses topless in a pair of lace lounge pants with nothing underneath -- exposing part of one nipple and hiding very little below. You might say you can clearly tell what her personal grooming habits are.

Miley also wears a see-through top in one shot, while covering one breast and leaving the other fully exposed.

The images get raunchier as Miley grabs her crotch while wearing the red leotard in one photo, and then points to it while sticking out her tongue and holding a can of Arizona Grapeade out as if it were a phallus.

Finally, she tones things down in a colorful graffiti shirt while smoking two cigarettes and then eating an ice cream cone.

Richardson, who's known for photographing models and celebrities in various states of undress, also directed Miley's latest video, "Wrecking Ball".

Website may have put it best, writing, "Only her gynecologist and ex-boyfriends have seen more."

You can see the NSFW photos at