Miley Cyrus has brushed off criticism of her new comedy LOL after it flopped at the U.S. box office, grossing just $46,500 in its opening weekend.

The singer/actress stars in the coming-of-age film alongside Demi Moore as her onscreen mom, but the movie, which is based on a popular French release of the same name, was only shown in 105 theaters in just eight states - excluding New York.

The Lionsgate-produced LOL failed to attract fans and the studio didn't even release official box office figures for the picture, although it is estimated to have only made a total of $46,500, according to

But Cyrus insists she isn't paying attention to the disappointing takings.

In a post on, she writes, "Thank u (sic) so much for everyone who went to see LOL. It is a film I loved making and I am proud of.... That's really all that matters to me."

LOL opened on the same day that highly-anticipated superhero blockbuster The Avengers hit U.S. cinemas - scoring box office gold with a massive $207.1 million from its first three days on release.