Miley Cyrus keeps piling on the outrageous behavior. On Wednesday, the singer/actress had an altercation with a paparazzo and called him the C-word. But before he could make a big deal about it, she made sure to share the news with her fans.

She posted on Twitter: "Just called this paparazzi a C--T. So before he makes breaking 'news' out if it. Ill just say it. Ha-Ha #C--T."

Adding more fuel to the fire, 16-year-old actress Chloe Grace Moretz retweeted Cyrus' message. Moretz made waves for using the C-word while playing Hit Girl in the 2010 film "Kick-Ass."

She filmed the role at age 12 and told MTV in 2010: "If I ever uttered one word that I said in ["Kick-Ass"], I would be grounded for years! I'd be stuck in my room until I was 20! I would never in a million years say [what Hit-Girl says in this film]."

Does retweeting the C-word count as much as saying it?

Cyrus made headlines last month after a provocative performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. She wore a flesh-colored bikini, ground her body up against singer Robin Thicke, and made racy gestures with a foam finger.