After a date with Mike, Molly isn't quite ready to call it a night; she invites him upstairs to her bedroom, but Mike's a little worried that Joyce and Victoria might still be awake, but Molly assures him that they're probably already in bed. A quick peek inside the house proves her wrong though- the two are on the couch, wearing mud masks and giving her knowing glances. Yeeeah, that's not going to be awkward.
Mike comes up with a better plan- that Saturday, the two of them will go to his place, where they'll be absolutely alone to do whatever they want.

Mike tells Carl and Samuel about his weekend plans, and the two are just glad that he's finally getting somewhere. They ask Mike if his apartment is ready to have Molly over, and he's got it all covered- new sheets, candles, he even cleaned out the shower. Carl suggest he picks up a bottle of champagne and strawberries, they don't know why, "but it drives the ladies wild."  Samuel suggests silk ties and an ostrich feather, but judges by the looks they give him that Mike may not be ready for that.

Molly is also preparing for her night at Mike's, though her though having her meddlesome sister and mother helping her out seems to make things a bit unproductive. Molly's already nervous, and gets even more so once Victoria asks if she's "trimmed her hedges". Molly looks like she would run away from the conversation if she could, but when it comes to those two, there's no escape. All it takes is a reminder of how long it's been for her- eighteen months, four days, and five hours- and she's ready to have Victoria heat up the wax.

Finally, it's Saturday night; Molly, fresh off a waxing, is struggling to walk right. Mike's a little worried about her, but she passes it off as a pulled muscle from the gym earlier. They get settled into Mike's apartment- which now has enough candles on it's surfaces to probably be considered a fire hazard- and the to sit awkwardly for a few minutes, neither exactly sure how to get things started. They manage to break to tension by admitting how nervous they both are, but just as they're beginning to get down to the kissing side of things, Mike's phone rings. He lets it go to the answering machine, but hearing his mother talk about padded toilet seats are really killing the mood, so he picks up the phone and tells her that he has Molly over. After hanging up, they get back down to it but the phone rings again, and again, it's his mother- this time with chest pains.

Mike and Molly rush over to her house, where she's animatedly yelling at the TV until she hears them outside and immediately slouches down with her oxygen tank. Mike is concerned about her, but she refuses to call an ambulance or go to the hospital, 'where she'll get probed.' She asks Mike to take her dog out for a walk
(after attempting to pass it's gas off as Molly's), and once he's gone, she gets right down to intimidating Molly, who isn't about to be scared off by a tough old woman.

After assuring them that she's fine, Mike and Molly leave his mother's house and head back to the apartment. Mike's fluttering around, attempting to reset the mood, but Molly can tell that he's still worried about his mom. She tells him that his mom might have been faking chest pains because she's uncomfortable with Mike having another woman in his life. After his parent's divorce, Mike was all his mom had, it makes sense that she would react this way. Mike doesn't know how to take his girlfriend saying these things about his mom, and when the phone rings yet again, Molly tells him that he can either answer the phone, or join her in the bedroom.
The answering machine kicks in, and when Mike hears his mom calling because the dog is acting…ambivalent, he knows what his decision is. After grabbing the champagne and  turning up the stereo, Mike heads into the bedroom, where Molly is waiting.

The next morning, Mike and Molly are eating breakfast, and for finally having sex, they look even more nervous than they had the night before. Molly writes it off to next-morning jitters and trying to decide if she should shower at Mike's or wait until she gets home, the average things that go through your mind after your first night with your boyfriend. Mike seems to be nervous simply because he's had a girl over for the night and is trying to make everything perfect. They both calm down and Mike asks Molly if she'd like to spend the day with him. He even comes up with a plan to walk around the block so she can use the bathroom without him in the apartment and she'll do the same for him. She's completely up for spending the day, and the two share a sweet moment together before the phone rings. Yes, it's Mike's mom again, this time calling to tell him about her fitful night of sleep, and to see if they make at-home defibrillators, in case she has a heart-attack and nobody's there to help her. Mike has had enough of him mom though, and takes Molly back to the bedroom for some morning fun.

Rating: B

I love when a show manages to find it's footing, and it seems like 'Mike and Molly' finally has. The episode was very sweet and did a wonderful job capturing the awkwardness of that first night together. The supporting cast is really what I love about this show, and even though we didn't see a ton of them this time around, but they still managed to be quite funny, even with their limited screen-time.

The one thing that I enjoyed above all else was Mike's reaction to the truth about his mom; so many times in a situation like that, the characters being told anything negative about their mothers tend to lash out at their girlfriends, accusing them of lying or being jealous or any number of things. I really liked that Mike's reaction was  much tamer than that. Yes, he was unbelieving at first, but not only did he realize Molly was right, but he never lashed out at her. It was a nice thing to see coming from his character, who really seems the type to fall into the 'i'm too close to my mother' trope.
It was equally nice to see Molly holding her own against his mom- she attempted to be nice, but when that wasn't working, she realized it.