Mike Catherwood, the first celebrity to get axed from Dancing with the Stars, told Jimmy Kimmel that ABC asked him to "tone it down" after he and his professional partner Lacey Schwimmer got a little too sexy.

"How do you tone it down?" Jimmy asked. "Well, you wear more clothes, for one. There's body parts you gotta hide... coming from the world of radio, I'm not used to that." He quipped, "I do my show in the nude."

He then said, "I had bamboo underwear made for me. Let's just say they add compression,"  while motioning to his groin. "In case there is any unfortunate change in direction... due to biological reaction."

"And they definitely don't work," came Lacey's reply!

Later in the interview, Kimmel joked that the two should date, so that Dancing with the Stars had more successful couples than The Bachelor. After saying the two weren't dating, Mike explained "I think the executives were disappointed at the lack of chemistry, in the romantic sense. So they tried to use us as their romantic lab rats."

"Did you think you would make it this far?" Kimmel joked. "To be perfectly honest, yes, yes, I did," Catherwood responded. "I far-and-away had the lowest level of celebrity status going in and I'm a terrible dancer. And the show is 'Dancing with the Stars.'".

However, Mike is not Lacey's worst partner. She said that Steve-O from Jackass was definitely her most dance-dysfuntional partner so far.

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