Aright Mike and Molly, here's hoping you aren't as painful to watch as last week.

The episode picks up (in what I'm guessing is going to end up a regular spot) at the diner. Poor Mike, still trying to eat healthy, has the waiter pour his diet shake into a fancy glass, hoping to trick his mind into thinking he's actually eating something that tastes decent. He tells Carl about finally getting a date with Molly, and the two of them end up stumped on what he should wear.

Carl gives him some (terrible) dating advice, including "bad boys get the yum-yum." Mike's not entirely for it, believing it better to just be himself. Good for you Mike, way to be awesome.

Molly is struggling to get inside her house with her arms full of stuff, and accidentally trips the house's  burglar alarm system when she opens the door. Her mom Joyce keeps it on at all times, citing worry of some stranger breaking in and taking her against her will on the counter as her reason. Given her excitement over the idea, Molly doubts that it would ever go down that way. Molly sneezes, obviously getting sick, and we all know where this is going.
Victoria comes inside seconds later and trips the (newly set) alarm as well. Poor stoner Vicki, with an alarm code as simple as just 'the house number', she still can't remember it.

Carl takes Mike to his cousin's shop, Andre's Big and Tall, trying to find him an outfit for his date. Mike is a little reluctant, since he hates shopping in public, preferring to shop online.

Molly's still feeling sick, but is afraid to tell Mike in case he thinks she's just trying to get out of the date. After downing about half a bottle of cough syrup with codeine, she starts on a desperate search for an outfit that doesn't make her look like "Kathy Bates in Misery."

Mike shows up at Molly's in his new argyle sweater, Molly sends Joyce down to stall him. Joyce struggles not to make too many jokes about the slightly garish shirt, but hey- she's no saint and is chock-full of wine. That sweater is going to be made fun of until it cries.

Upstairs, Molly's passed out from the codeine. Even with Victoria slapping her, she can't stay awake. Victoria ends up dosing her with diet pills, which should "help her stay awake to enjoy the codeine".
Downstairs, Joyce fills in Mike on Molly's old boyfriends, including her last one that liked to dress up in her shoes. Mike is doing his best in an uncomfortable situation, but looks like he's seconds from crawling into the couch cushions.

Molly finally comes barreling down, having found a cute outfit, and thanks to the diet pills she is freaking wired. Mike's about to get a complex over his sweater, when yet another joke is made about it.

Molly is going a mile a minute and sneezing whenever she stops to take a breath, and Mike can barely get a word in. He's super uncomfortable and obviously doesn't know what to do with himself.
Molly keeps hitting on Mike terribly, and when she gets to the restaraunt, she starts in on the wine, which you know is going to lead to terrible results.

When the waiter says he "hopes they saved room for dessert", Molly flips out on him, but inevitably ends up order creme brulee. Molly rushes off to the bathroom, and when Mike follows her to make sure she's alright, he finds her passed out on the toilet.
Molly feels horrible about how she acted, and is finally snapping out of it on the way back home. Molly explains about having a cold, and that she didn't want to cancel because she really likes him; not many guys are willing to carry their drugged date out of a bathroom 'like a fairy princess'. Mike is thrilled, and as they're about to share a moment, Molly has to puke.

At the doorstep, Mike asks Molly for a do-over, which sounds great to everyone involved. Obviously, a different restaurant will be needed, seeing as how they've kind of been banned from the last one. After sharing a smile, Molly heads back inside, where the alarm goes off once again.

Carl is excited to hear how the sweater did, and Mike evasively tells him that is got a lot of attention. Mike explains about the horrible date, which even Carl thinks couldn't have gone worse, and when Carl dismissively states that he'll never be asking her out again, Mike responds with "are you kidding? I'm going to marry that girl." Awww!

Rating: B+

Definitely an improvement on the pilot, I actually enjoyed watching parts of 'First Date'. Mike and Molly continue to be absolutely adorable together, Melissa McCarthy absolutely shining in the role. Swoosie Kurtz is ever enjoyable as Molly's mom Joyce. Billy Gardell really grew on me as Mike, where last week he seemed like nothing more than a prop for laughs, this week he was every bit as fun to watch as McCarthy.

The antics this episode focused more on the actual relationship and characters, rather than just their weight. While the burglar alarm gag went on a little too long, I thought that the majority of the episode was a very sweet look into the lives of these two people, and I'm actually excited to see what they have in store next week.