Carl has noticed some changes in Mike since he's been dating Molly; he's wearing a bit of cologne, using new words- Molly's been trying to introduce a bit of culture into his life. The night before they attended the symphony, which is apparently a great place to catch a nap. Carl is worried that Mike is completely whipped and that all these changes are going to turn him into a different person, but Mike tells him that he's being ridiculous,he's always going to be his own person- in fact, he's already told Molly that he has other plans and isn't going to see her that night. Carl approves, until Mike tells him that instead, she'll be joining them for lunch.

Molly joins the two at their usual diner-  Carl won't let Mike order the pea soup because of all the sodium in it, and the two argue over how long they've been partners (five years on November the eighth, in case you were curious). Molly notes that the two of them bicker like an old married couple, something they both deny; they just like to bust on each other like two guys are apt to do.

Later in the squad car, Carl tells Mike that he doesn't think Molly should join them for lunch anymore; he makes up an excuse about how they're still on duty, even on their lunch break, and how it could be dangerous for her. Mike laughs it off- the only time they've been under any fire is when they get egged on Halloween; Carl is adamant though- Molly shouldn't be around in case something happens. Mike is worried that Carl might be feeling a little jealous of Molly, something that Carl doesn't even want to dignify with a response, which of course means a rant about how not jealous he really is.

That night, Carl comes over to watch the game with Mike, whose busy talking on the phone with Molly and ignoring him. He starts getting a little obnoxious with the TV volume until Mike gets off the phone, annoyed with his behavior. Carl complains about how he didn't come all the way over to spend the evening watching the game on mute as Mike chats up his girlfriend, and Mike apologizes. The two sit awkwardly, staring at the screen until Carl tells Mike to just go be with Molly. He quickly runs out. leaving poor Carl alone in the apartment.

Mike can't stop thinking about Carl- even when he's making out with Molly on the couch. She's a little weirded out when he tells her what he's thinking of, but agrees when he asks her to help him set Carl up. Molly doesn't really have any single friends, but she does have Victoria, who is currently eating either cake or cheese- she's just high enough to not be able to tell the difference.
Mike goes over to Carl's- whose helping his grandma prepare for church choir- and invites him out for drinks. Carl attempts to play it cool, but his grandma practically shoves him out of the house- apparently "the vacuum isn't going to give her grand-babies." Eww- also- ow!

Carl seems to be hitting it off with Victoria, the four of them having a fun night out. Mike keeps telling stories about Carl's bravery on the job while Molly tries to impress her sister with the fact that Carl's had the same job for nearly five years- and it wasn't even court-mandated. Victoria's digging it, until Michael Jordan walks by. Needless to say, Carl goes home alone that night.

The drive back is a little awkward, and Carl sits impatiently in the car while Mike walks Molly to her door. Molly asks if he can come back after he's dropped Carl off, but Mike's feeling really bad about him and is already planning on having to spend some time comforting his friend. Molly mentions the fact that if he comes back, he just might be get lucky; those seem to be the magic words, because Mike's not sure if he'll even have time to stop the car before shoving Carl out of it.

Mike is in a hurry to get rid of Carl and get back to Molly, but his friend really does want to talk. He impatiently hurries him through it, anxious to get back to Molly. Carl lets him in on a secret: he really has been a bit jealous of the two of them. He just wants to find someone who cares about him as much as Molly cares for Mike, and he's worried that he's going to lose Mike's friendship now that he has a serious girlfriend. Mike sees the heartfelt moment for what it is, an promises Carl that he will always be there for him, and to please get out of the car so he can go sex up his girlfriend. Carl is touched- even when he has the chance to finally sleep with Molly, Mike took the time to talk to him. He gets out of the car and Mike rushes back to Molly's.

The house is dark, and as Mike quietly walks up the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms, Joyce screams and hits him in the head with a skillet; she thought he was an intruder, and poor Mike goes tumbling down the steps.
He's a little delirious as the paramedics load him onto a stretcher- he's going to the hospital for a skull x-ray, apparently Joyce knows how to swing a pan. Victoria walks in, a basketball under her arm; she has no idea what's going on, as usual. Mike thought that the most painful thing he'd have to do to finally get with Molly was sit through the symphony, though I think that after this, he won't have to wait too much longer.

Rating: B

It feels like 'Mike and Molly' is finally hitting it's stride! The last few episodes have really worked to flesh out the characters, and there's been a distinct shortage of fat jokes, for which I am forever thankful.

Carl's insecurity over being the third wheel and forever single was very sweet- they've again managed to put a humorous twist on a very real scenario, rather than bash us over the head with stupid jokes.