It seems like every episode opens with Mike and Carl at the diner, and this time Carl notices that Mike's lost some weight. Mike's feeling much better, health-wise- he's not dieting, but has learned to control his portions. More jokes are made about his weight when Samuel acts unbelieving at Mike's unusually small order.

Mike's planning on asking Molly out that night, but Carl tells him that you should never ask a girl out on the same night you call her. Mike doesn't really care too much about what he says, and is planning on impressing her with his bowling skills. Carl teases him about being a regular Casanova, but Mike hasn't even kissed Molly yet. He wants to give her a good time, he worries that Molly doesn't have enough excitement in her life, living with her mom and her sister. It looks like Molly has plenty of things going on; at that same time, she and Joyce are trying to talk Victoria out of cutting off all her hair to give to her married boyfriend's wife.

After Molly gets Victoria asleep (thanks to three Xanax crushed into her teeth whitening kit), Joyce worries that it's her fault that Victoria is the way she is, she breastfed her until she was six., and she would have done the same for Molly, but she was already eating corn on the cob by that age.  

Mike calls her to ask her out, and Molly- pleased that he called, agrees. Victoria deliriously comes down the stairs to go find her boyfriend, and Molly swiftly hangs up to go chase after her.

Mike takes Molly bowling (in his special bowling shirt); he's all ready to give Molly a few pointers, but apparently her stint of college bowling made her better than he expected. Molly pretends that she doesn't know what she's doing, but she's whipping the balls down the lane like a pro.

Mike takes Molly to the diner, and Samuel the waiter is impressed that Molly isn't imaginary. Samuel and Molly bond over a shared comprehension of German and French. Molly finds out that Samuel is in the states studying English Literature, and they quote Shakespeare together. Mike isn't too thrilled over their slight flirting, and wants to leave.

As he drives Molly home, he is still pretty bent out of shape. He seems to be a little intimidated by Molly and Samuel, and leaves Molly at the door. When she asks if he's going to call her, he just leaves. Molly is pissed (as she should be, Mike's being a huge douchebag), and as she watches him leave, Victoria once again come running out the house, yelling about not being able to live without her boyfriend. Joyce is following behind her, complaining about being too old to put up with this crap.

Mike goes over to Carl's, whose chilling at home in front of the TV. Carl's grandma comes down to see who was at the door, and Mike tells them about his 'terrible' date. He says that they didn't make a connection, but Carl's grandma isn't taking his crap. Apparently, he's mostly just mad that Molly beat him at bowling. He thought she was showing off with her different languages, and Carl's grandma hits the nail on the head when she surmises that he has a problem with Molly because she's smart and talented and threatened his masculinity.
Mike confesses that he has feelings for Molly, so Carl's grandma tells him to go back to her and let he know how he feels.

Joyce is trying to convince a crying Victoria that she'll find someone better than her married boyfriend. Molly is still upset over Mike, and she's not in the mood for any more of Victoria's relationship problems. She's been doing this her whole life- dating emotionally unavailable guys who are usually married. Molly is upset that she's always there to take care of her sister and that no one is ever there to comfort her when things go wrong.

Mike is trying to psych himself up to talk to Molly, but before he knocks, he hears Victoria inside trying to make a flamethrower out of her hairspray and a lighter. He comes in and calmly talks her down, saying that guys can act really stupid sometimes and that everyone suffers humiliation. She gives him the lighter, but sprays him in the eyes with the hairspray before running out the door, presumably to set her boyfriend on fire. Molly tells Mike how sweet his speech was before running after her. Despite being in pain, Mike is happy to hear that she might still like him.

Mike takes Molly out bowling again, and seems to be (a smidgen) more secure with the fact that she's a better bowler than him. She goes to give him a high-five after winning, and Mike takes the opportunity to finally kiss her.

Rating: D-

I've been really trying to give this show a chance, and while I found myself actually enjoying last week's episode, this week has me wanting to punch my TV. Mike was seriously a jerk over something as silly as Molly being better than him at something, and that kind of chauvinistic crap is more than I can take, especially when it's played for laughs. Molly could do so much better than Mike, who is perpetually worried about how people perceive him and seems to not be able to handle Molly being skilled at something that he considers 'his sport'.

Even at the end of the episode when they go back to bowl another game, he seems to be put out that she's better than him, telling her to 'not get too cute' about her winning. It rubbed me completely the wrong way, and even though I've found myself rooting for the two of them since the show began and absolutely adore Melissa McCarthy, I can't help but now finding myself hoping that it gets cancelled, and fast.