Mickey Rourke always makes sure his psychiatrist gets a VIP pass to his movie premieres and parties as a thank you for helping him "fix" his life.
The star admits he has few friends in the entertainment industry and so when it comes to handing out red carpet tickets for events like Tuesday's "Immortals" premiere in Los Angeles, he makes sure his mechanic and dentist are catered for - and his longtime shrink always gets the royal treatment.
Rourke insists it's the least he can do for his pal, who is largely responsible for the actor's comeback.
He explains, "I did 13 years of therapy with him. He said he could fix me up. He said, 'I can put you back together again, so it won't be so scary to meet you.' So we've been working on change.
"Six years ago... when I started working, he came to some movie I did and I saw him looking over and he was hugging everybody... I'm thinking, 'He knows everybody'. He says, 'I am the Rolls Royce of what I do.'
"When I was flat broke for four or five years, he carried me to the tune of, like, $78,000 and he said to me, 'I know one day you'll pay me back.'"