Jessica Stroup and Mila Kunis showed up at the "Extract" movie premiere in Hollywood yesterday wearing very different metallic dresses. Which star looks better? See more photos after the jump...

The film "Extract" is about a flower-extract plant owner contending with an ever-growing avalanche of personal and professional disasters. An injured employee threatens to sue, someone is stealing wallets, and the boss's wife may be sleeping with another man.

Image © Tina Gill / PR Photos

Earlier this month, Mila and the cast of "Family Guy" performed a never-to-be-aired episode for members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The episode's topic du jour? Abortion. Inappropriate or not, the crowd was in stitches.

Jessica's bipolar storyline on 90210 prompted a surge in teens seeking help for possible mental health disorders. Kids flooded website, which Stroup urged them to visit at the end of a harrowing episode in which her character was diagnosed as a manic depressive.

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