"Today" show host Meredith Vieira, Dreamgirls star Jennifer Hudson, and William Shatner head the list of flirts compiled by Flirtologist Jill Spiegel. These well-known flirts engage and inspire us, says Spiegel, author of "Flirting For Success" and "The Flirtologist's Guide To Dating."

"Flirting is connecting with people and life in a genuine, playful and meaningful way," says Spiegel.

Here's her flirt list:

* Meredith Vieira, uplifting "Today" host who values "fun and happiness." Flirts are down-to-earth.

* Jennifer Hudson, former American Idol contestant who wows us in Dreamgirls, her movie debut. Flirts turn rejection into reward.

* William Shatner, actor and game show host, who at 75 stars on two TV shows. "Why not?" he says. Flirts are positive thinkers.

* Emmitt Smith, former Dallas Cowboy turned electrifying winner on TV's Dancing With The Stars. Flirts are open to new challenges.

* Tina Fey, comedy writer who learned at a young age, "I could ingratiate myself to people by making them laugh." Flirts enjoy spreading smiles.

* Richard Branson, entrepreneur who invests in creating alternative fuel to "revolutionize business and save the world." Flirts have a purpose.

* Rachel Ray, TV host who has a natural talent and enthusiasm for cooking, "Yum-o!" Flirts share what they love.

* Jay-Z, rapper who conquered his exhilarating Hangar Tour, stopping at seven different cities in one day. Flirts are visionaries.

* Jack Black, member of rock duo Tenacious D, who proudly claims to be "in the greatest band in the world." Flirts are passionate.

* America Ferrera, actress who exudes charisma. "When I'm (Ugly) Betty, there's a light that shines from the inside." Flirts have warmth.

Spiegel is an award-winning speaker, radio host and founder of Goal Getters, a motivational firm she runs with husband, Joe Brozic.