Marijuana doesn't need a stoner-movie to make things funny-but it helps. Here are ten scenes which pay tribute to the drug, rather than just exploit its controversial but distinctive place in pop culture (see: Dazed and Confused). Marijuana and its paraphernalia are not just in these scenes, but have lead roles in them- (see: Mallrats). It-well, you get the idea.

10. Do I look high?

Friday (1995)

The plot: Ice Cube and Chris Tucker do absolutely nothing for a while. When Ice Cube tries to mac it to Nia Long, his brain kills the mood. Chris Tucker goes on to co-star in a bunch of other movies with people of contrasting races, while Ice Cube ceases to use his AK. The lesson learned? Smoking will not help you get girls-unless they're stoners.

9. The Strikeout

Beerfest (2006)

Although devout fans of the Broken Lizard comedy team frowned upon the frat-boy, binge-drinking, National Lampoon's-esque movie, you have to give it to them for their ingenuity. To do a 'strikeout'-and most likely end your night-"take a hit, chug your beer, do a shot, then blow out the smoke."

8. Your first time

Half Baked (1998)

Everyone remembers their first time. Bonus: the second time you see the movie, this scene gets funnier ten-fold; the kid-actors are dead-on with their older counterparts. It also says a lot about what a lifetime of marijuana will do to you.
Quote: "Do you guys feel different?"

7. Everyone gets high

Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke (1978)

If you're watching the credits role and the first three characters listed are Pedro, Man, and Mr. Stoner, you probably just watched a stoner flick. When the plot deals with two stoners who unknowingly drive a truck made of marijuana across the border, you have the stickiest and stupidest of them all. This scene earns 'classic' status for being one of the first to preach the notion that everyone gets along when they're high.

Quote: "You almost botch up the entire operation, you lose my best dog, two guys piss on my leg, and you tell me to go with it? I'll go with it! [promptly stuffs his face with pizza]

Cheech and Chong Original Trailer [1978]

6. Smoke for strength

Idle Hands (1999)

Jessica Alba is seconds away from a crushing death, and a possessed hand has too strong a grip on the lever that controls her fate. But when Seth Green grabs "Mighty Joe Bong" and the guys smoke "for strength," they realize that exhaling is all it takes to overpower the baked menace-hand. Marijuana may affect the motor skills, but it increases your chances of saving Jessica Alba's life.

Quote: "I needs me spinach"

Couldn't find the exact clip, but hopefully you can enjoy a scantily clad Jessica Alba.

5. Marjiuana's revenge

Scary Movie 2 (2001)

The Scary Movie franchise ruined parodies forever and made it possible for garbage-comedies like Disaster Movie to still be greenlit. But they need to be honored for revolutionizing stoner-flicks forever: after years of genocide, marijuana rolls Marlon Wayans into a joint and lights him up-by the afro.

Quote: "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to smoke your relatives!"

4. The Cross-Joint

Pineapple Express (2008)

The comedic genius of Team Apatow not only erased the boundary between stoner-movie and action flick, but created a revolutionary twist on the timeless art of rolling a joint. When James Franco showed the saint-like creation-two joints rolled together in the shape of a cross-to Seth Rogen, it spawned a religious following via copycat videos on Youtube.

Quote: "This is like the apex of the vortex of joint-engineering. It's rumored that M.M. O'Shaughnessy designed the first one, the guy who, uh, designed the Golden Gate Bridge-my second favorite civil engineer behind Hannskarl Bandel, Madison Square Garden."

3. Littering and…

Super Troopers (2001)

Forget Superbad-this is the movie that made cops cool. In the opening scene, three teenagers smoking reefer are toyed with by highway troopers. From that moment on, people actually cared who (or what) Broken Lizard was.

Quote: "Nobody owns the water, God-it's God's water."

2. Cannonball

Caddyshack (1980)

In a movie that needs no introduction, this is scene the best part; it's the only one with Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. And watching a rich golfer and a dirt-poor greenskeeper indulge in a hybrid of Kentucky bluegrass, Featherbed Bent, and Northern California Sinsemilla, is legendary.

Quote: "But seriously, no B.S., if you ever want to rap or anything, you know just talk or just, you know, get weird with somebody, you know, buddies for life, I think."

1. Harold and Kumar smoke with the President

Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, this movie was directed by the same guy who did Dude, Where's My Car? But to the surprise of many, it was mildly praised by critics, despite its plot being a stoner's A.D.D.-guided thought process caught on film. The sequel takes place about ten minutes after the first one ends, but covers much more serious issues, such as American ignorance, racism, and Neil Patrick Harris on 'shrooms. It also has a scene that is the culmination of marijuana in comedy: when the two accidentally turn up in one of the President's summer homes and find out he smokes weed, Kumar fulfills every Democrat's fantasy and calls George W. Bush, and his War on Drugs, hypocritical.

Quote: "Well let me ask you something, Kumar, do you like giving hand jobs?"
"No sir."
"Do you like gettin' hand jobs?"
"Heh, yeah."
"Yeah well, that makes you a f%ckin' hypocriticizer too, so shut the f*ck up!"

Story by Paul Lupario

Starpulse contributing writer