"Right now, I'm in a phase of `I'm not even your girlfriend. I'm your best friend who is madly in love with you..'" Drew Barrymore gushes about her feelings for rocker boyfriend Fab Moretti.

"If my boobs ended up hanging around my waist, I'd definitely get them pulled up." Pop star Jessica Simpson shares her views on plastic surgery.

"I don't know if these are beauty secrets, but what I do to feel my best is just exercise regularly, laugh and play often, and make love every moment I can. Oh, yeah, and lots of water." Cameron Diaz reveals how she keeps herself looking beautiful.

"Until I found music I was sliding through life. I didn't get awards in high school, I wasn't getting ribbons for stuff, I couldn't run fast, I didn't have a social life." John Mayer credits music with giving his life purpose.

"The smell of a baby's head intrigues me right now. But no babies went into that bottle. None!" Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez denies capturing her unusual favorite scent for new perfume Live.

"I have a lot of new year's resolutions - one is definitely giving back. I'm really fortunate and that's why everywhere I go I'm going to visit a children's hospital, just get really involved in charity work." Paris Hilton plans to spend less time partying and more time doing good in 2007.

"I'd run six-and-a-half miles in the morning and six-and-a-half miles at night and I'd eat just chicken breast, egg whites, one baked potato a day, no butter, no salt and a lot of coffee, a lot of cigarettes... It was really stupid." Matt Damon on how he lost 40 pounds in three months to play a heroin addict in 1996 movie Courage Under Fire.