Colin Egglesfield, plays Auggie Kirkpatrick

Colin Egglesfield is a man of many talents. Colin has a medical degree, has modeled for Ralph Lauren, Versace and Calvin Klein and has earned lead rolls on movies and television, including a recurring role as Erica Kane's son on All My Children.

Auggie Kirkpatrick, Colin's character, is the mysterious type. He is tall, dark, handsome and full of secrets. Hopefully, he'll let us in on at least a few.

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Michael Rady is a two-time Teen Choice Award winner and a star on big and small screens. He has starred in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Swingtown and Sleeper Cell. Most recently, Michael had a recurring role on Greek.

Jonah Miller, Michael's character, is a struggling filmmaker. As if paying the bills aren't enough, Jonah is slowly learning about the doubts his fiancé, Riley Richmond, is having about getting married, and, unfortunately for him, most of those doubts stem from Jonah's lack of money.

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Shaun Sipos, plays David Breck

Shaun Sipos is probably best known for his film roles. He has a long list of credits, including Skulls 3, Baby Geniuses, The Grudge 2 and Final Destination 2. His television roles include guest appearances on Southland, Smallville and ER.

David Breck, Shaun's character, is a complete loose cannon. He is spoiled rotten and has no problem letting people know. He is your typical rich who wants nothing more than to get revenge on his father. And guess what, original "Melrose Place" fans? David is the song of Michael Mancini, who was originally played by Thomas Calabro.

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Story by Amanda Hamilton

Starpulse contributing writer

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