Melissa Etheridge's former partner alleges the rocker has left her so broke; she can't afford to buy food for their kids.

The Come To My Window hit-maker split from Tammy Lynn Michaels in April after nine years together. Michaels filed legal papers in July asking the rocker to pay her $12,000 a month to provide for their twins, a son and a daughter, who turn four this week.

Etheridge's lawyers insisted she has been handing over $2,000-a-month and paying all the bills, but three months later, Michaels claims she is still struggling to get by.

In a poetry-style post on her blog, she writes: "'Pays all the bills' / Not entirely true/ 'Pays all the bills she chooses to pay'/ 'Pays all the bills her people thinks / are important enough to pay' / is more accurate. When I went to get cash / just last week / for the three of us to eat / Nothing. Today I was shopping for birthday decor / 4th next Sunday! / Little cash for lunch? / Nope - not enough funds / No food."

The couple is currently locked in a legal battle over their kids - Michaels wants full custody, while the singer has filed for joint responsibilities.

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