There have been many great rivalries throughout history such as Pepsi vs. Coca- Cola, Playstation vs. Xbox, Amy Winehouse vs. Rehab. But there is one great rivalry heating up in Hollywood between Megan Fox and Odette Yustman. Usually with rivalries there is hatred and contrast between the two rivals. With this rivalry, there is only comparison. Both Fox and Yustman have many things in common. They both share a striking resemblance. If they were walking down the street together, you would think they were twins. Both have had successful movies. Both have a birthday in the same month (May). And both are drop dead gorgeous. But overall, who's better?

Screen presence

Megan Fox and Odette Yustman are very talented actresses. Their movies have grossed millions of dollars at the box office. Yustman was brilliant in her roles in both Cloverfield and the Unborn. Fox did a superb job in her role in Transformers. But between the two, Yustman appears to be the better actress. Odette has been acting since she was a little kid, as seen in her role in Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger nineteen years ago. Megan has only been acting on the big screen for a few years. Also, Yustman has more of a screen presence. She can carry a film as a main character as she did in Cloverfield. She is more believable as an actress than Fox. Because her beauty commands all the attention, Fox's acting is overshadowed by her beauty.

Edge: Odette Yustman

Physical Attractiveness

Megan Fox and Odette Yustman are two of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Choosing which one is hotter is like choosing between a Lion or a Tiger as a pet. It's a tough choice to make. Odette Yustman has pretty eyes, a pretty smile, and a pretty thin body. She has that sweet innocent girl next door look. There isn't anything sweet or innocent about Megan Fox. She has a seductive, exotic, wild look to her. She is rumored to have nine tattoos. Her eyes are hypnotizing and she has a great body, that is pretty thin too. Her nickname should be "Optimus Prime." She is very sexy. FHM named her the sexiest woman in the world last year. Fox is definitely the hottest out of the two, but only by a slim margin.

Edge: Megan Fox


It's a popularity contest in Hollywood these days. Hollywood stars are judged by how much recognition and media attention they receive, than the quality of their work. Both Fox and Yustman are rising stars and popular actresses in Hollywood right now. Megan Fox has graced the covers of magazines like FHM, GQ, and Maxim. She is constantly talked about on entertainment and gossip shows. She's currently dating Brian Austin Green. Odette Yustman has been hailed as "The next Megan Fox" by many. She's received much praise for her roles in Cloverfield and the Unborn. But Megan Fox is more popular.

Edge: Megan Fox

Even though Odette Yustman is the better actress, Megan Fox's beauty and popularity slightly edges her out.

The Winner: Megan Fox

Story by Maccorley Mathieu

Starpulse contributing writer