A consistent innovator in music and technology, Megadeth's Dave Mustaine will be the first musician to utilize a fan-centric video widget to keep in touch with fans while on the road for Gigantour.

Gigantour, "The Ultimate Shred Fest," put on by Live Nation features bands hand-picked by Mustaine with a sharp eye on true musicianship and a heavy focus on top-notch guitarists. The innovative video widget created by San Francisco based Ojingo Labs (http://megadeth.blipback.com), takes the interactive fan experience to a whole new level by 'connecting fans to their favorite bands.' Fans are able to video message directly with the band online, and with their cell phones - creating a highly personalized experience for the fan to share with their friends and family. Each week will offer a different theme of interactions including one week where bands can upload videos of their own renditions of their favorite Megadeth songs for comments and critiques. Fans earn points towards contests by receiving higher votes on the video submissions and for passing it along to friends.

The promotion also involves chance for fans to win a trip to Los Angeles to attend Dave Mustaine's Guitar Center Session at Guitar Center Hollywood where they will be presented with a signed Dean Guitar. Guitar Center sessions, is an intimate education based program, that will feature informative and provocative panel discussions and serves as an incubator for musicians to gain insight and knowledge from their heroes and network with their peers. Ten runners up will receive copies of the 4-CD +DVD Warchest - the ultimate Megadeth collection featuring more than six hours of digitally re-mastered content.

Head over to Live Nation to enter the megasweeps.