Combining the savvy of an industry veteran, the voice of an acclaimed diva, a dynamic personality and looks to die for... meet Singer/Songwriter, Kim Kline. Originally training with Ron Anderson, best known for his work with the Rolling Stones, No Doubt and Janet Jackson, Kim began developing the powerful voice she is known for today. Always looking to hone her talents, Kim now works with renowned vocal technique and performance coach Steven Memel who has trained such artists as Adam Levine and members of Maroon 5, Taryn Manning of Boomkat, Brittany Murphy and Big City Rock.

Fine tuning her music and voice, Kim began to accumulate an abundance of songs, which sparked the interest of the acclaimed music entertainment law firm Felcher & Freifeld, LLP (whose clients have included Pink, Rihanna, and The Fugees) The same day she met with Scott Felcher, she was signed immediately.

Currently living in Los Angeles, the Texas native continues to nurture her singer/songwriter giftedness full time - creating music with the energetic spirit that has always defined her. Kim's impeccable sense of style shines through as she performs at premiere music venues around town.

After multiple successful gigs at the renowned The Roxy, The Viper Room, The Troubadour, the 2004 LA Marathon stage, among others, Kim Kline clearly demonstrates what she was put here to do. Look for Kim Kline to re-introduce the music industry to the roots of rock with a sexy, young, hip appeal that generates a genre all its own.

Over the past months, Kim has been writing and recording with a variety of award winning and multi-platinum selling songwriters and producers, including Ian Cross (Janet Jackson, Usher, Gwen Stefani, etc.)