Every television show would be more interesting if Zach Selwyn was on it.

Thankfully, TruTV has enlisted the multi-talented Los Angeles native to serve as a color commentator for Guinness World Records Unleashed. Zach's dry and relentless wit is a perfect match for a show about the outrageous and the impressive. BFTV caught up with him on Wednesday to chat about the new season of GRWU and what else is new for the eternally lovable TV personality.

In just last week's premiere, Zach has had to discuss one gentleman attempting to set the world record for most kicks to his own head in one minute, and another aiming to dunk a donut into a cup of coffee from higher than anyone else has ever dunked before. These are some pretty crazy things, so how many times does he question people's sanity?

"Oh, countless. I'd say at least three times an episode, I was concerned that somebody was going to get really hurt and occasionally die," he told us, joking that "You know it's a good show when you think people are going to die."

Not that he's on the set just to poke fun at the competitors. "I admire all these guys," Zach said, though he did confirm GWRU host Dan Cortese's story that he once made a vague attempt to break a world record himself. "It was the most amount of donut holes eaten in either 60 seconds or 90 seconds," he reflected. "I think I got to like four."

Since we let Dan dish on Zach when we spoke to him last week, it was only appropriate to flip the script and let Zach talk about Dan. "Dan's incredibly professional," he told us, "and very tan. And very muscular. He's very intimidating, because I don't think any man alive should have the physique that he has at his age."

But being impressively in shape doesn't mean Dan is safe from Zach's humor: "I certainly did a bunch of Veronica's Closet jokes and Rock 'N' Jock jokes," Zach revealed.

His commentary on Guinness World Records Unleashed is just the latest TV gig for Zach, who's become a TV mainstay over the years with credits like G4's Attack of the Show!, Science Channel's Catch It Keep It, and let us not forget the greatness that was GSN's Extreme Dodgeball. If you can put it on TV, he can make it funny.

And if that's not good enough for you, he's also an actor and a musician, with a healthy iTunes catalog. His album Ghost Signs has seriously been in our rotation for ten years. Then there's his comedy web series, The Reportist. Check out Zach's observations on graffiti in the video below.

Zach has plenty of projects to keep him occupied going into next year. "I'm going to start shooting Season 2 of a show on History called America's Secret Slang. That should come out in 2014. I'm putting out a new record," he told us. "And I wrote a book, too that's going to be coming out in 2014. It's called Talent Will Get You Nowhere. It's a collection of short stories." Somehow, he manages all of this on top of being a devoted family man. That's one heck of a balancing act (dare we say world record-worthy?).

Not that you'll ever hear him complain. "I'm very happy to be working in any capacity and working with the good people of Guinness," Zach reflected. "Ultimately down the line, hosting and acting and music are all things I'm passionate about. I'd like to somehow combine all three. I just hope that everything I'm doing continues to resonate with someone out there." And we hope that he sticks around for a long, long time.

You can catch Zach every Thursday night at 8 PM ET/PT as part of Guinness World Records Unleashed on TruTV. You should also visit his website (zachselwyn.com) and follow him on Twitter (@ZachSelwyn).

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