Last week's episode of "Medium" was the type where the audience knows who the villain is before Allison does, and so the mystery is more about finding out why and how they'll stop him. The show doesn't blatantly tell us who is to blame, but enough clues can be picked up early on that you're staring at the screen going 'come on Allison, he's eeeeevil!' Meanwhile Joe gets the bestest job ever and hates it, and the Zodiac killer is found ... er ... the "Libra" killer.

The show starts out with a writer sits by the bedside of a dying cancer patient, and tries to get him to admit he is the infamous Libra killer. Before dying, the man says 'no.' Allison wakes up and starts having trouble with her cognitive memory, and she sees these odd symbols all over the place. When she goes to rehab she keeps mistaking a symbol for the sign of the Libra, and it is worrying her since she's uncertain if it is psychic or from her mental health. A very nice fellow patient named Neal gives her some advice and chats about how a mugger shot him, but they never caught the guy. Warning signs went off early for this guy; I think it was the hair. That was evil hair. It may also be because he's played by Fisher Stevens who plays the enormously obnoxious character George Minkowski on "Lost."

There is the body of a dead girl found, strangled to death, and Allison sees the Libra symbol on her head but it isn't there. Due to the symbols and talking with the writer from before, she thinks the Libra killer is still loose. Then she sees the mugging of Neal and is able to identify the mugger. She is happy to help out a friend and have him finally catch the guy that did this to him, not thinking about the obvious nature of his mugging coinciding with her visions of the Libra killer. You're better than this Allison Dubois! Well, he was really nice to her about the rehab, and she can be overly trusting.

Obviously, Neal is in fact the Libra killer and the murders stopped after he was shot and couldn't leave his bed. Everyone is baffled because the killer is now left handed, which becomes obvious when the next woman's body is found and no one can figure out what is going on. Except for Allison! Neal has disappeared however, and he knows that Allison is a psychic who will probably figure him out really fast. He's got to up the body count as quickly as possible before she snatches him. It's interesting that so many people she comes across believe Allison; in my experience most people are skeptical of psychics. Then again, she's pretty famous for getting it right. Anyway Allison manages to see an early victim of his and decode his message from her dream, and the police catch him! Yay. He wants to chat with Allison one last time to see if she thinks he's as awesome as he thinks he is, and she's like 'you're a freak. Everyone on "Lost" hates you Minkowski.' Or something like that.

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In the B plot of the episode, Joe gets a new job where he's basically paid a lot of money to sit around and do nothing. His brilliant boss Keith doesn't want any colleagues; he does all the work and hires people just to get HR off his back. Keith is played by the young actor Joel Moore, who was in "Dodgeball." He's got great deadpan humor. Joe is incapable of just sitting around doing nothing, but luckily he does not just quit his job because in this economic crisis that is just madness. Especially with all of Allison's medical bills! Instead he tells Keith that he needs other people to be a better engineer, and he needs Joe to help him. They leave it at that but he's probably right. Everyone needs a little Joe in their life.

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Story by Chelsea Doyle
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