I was mistaken to think that last week was actually the finale of "Medium," and I apologize for leading you in the wrong direction. There are actually three more episodes, and this is a great thing since last week would have truly been a poor ending to the season. Instead this week Angelica Huston returns to the show as the brittle and hard Cynthia Keener. Cynthia hired Allison during the time that Devalos was no longer DA, and her story ended rather tragically when she found the killer of her long-dead daughter. Cynthia took it upon herself to murder the sociopath because she knew the courts wouldn't have anything on her. It was a touching end to the otherwise difficult to like character. Now she's back and doing a wonderful job making the audience hate/love her again.

Allison has a dream about a girl that Cynthia saved from a kidnapping years ago. She is uncertain what it means, and how it ties to the sudden disappearance of a real estate agent Christopher Sipes' wife, but she goes to Cynthia for advice. Cynthia is not doing well in prison and angrily bitter about her new life. While she thought avenging her daughter's death would help her, instead it has continued to leave her empty. She tells Allison to leave her alone and that the kidnapped girl she saw went on to lose both parents and become a prostitute. Harsh.

Allison continues to dream about the kidnapped girl, Bethany, and sees her recognize the kidnapper in a man she was about to sleep with as a prostitute. Allison believes that the kidnapper might have hurt Bethany, and then maybe Sipes' wife now. Only Sipes claims that his wife called and merely left him, but Allison knows that he is only covering because someone sent him a kidnap note. Cynthia is alive again, having used all her energy in prison to try and find Bethany. She and Allison are both relieved when Bethany calls to let them know she's alive and well, but that doesn't explain what is really going on. Allison tries to convince Sipes that the kidnapper plans to murder him and leave his wife buried alive, but he doesn't believe her.

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It all comes together with Allison realizes that Bethany recognized Sipes as her kidnapper and planned to get revenge. She was going to kidnap his wife and murder him when he came to save her. Allison manages to get Cynthia out of jail so she can talk Bethany down and express how getting vengeance does not equal peace. She saves Bethany a second time by taking the gun away, and it seems to give Cynthia something she needs to stop being so angry. Allison promises that Devalos will speak at her parole hearing, so maybe we'll see more of Cynthia down the road!

On a personal front, Joe's boss sells his business to a young engineer living in San Diego. He wants the Dubois family to move to San Diego as well so Joe can keep working for him, but they will not do that. So he offers to Joe a deal: work three days a week in San Diego, and spend the rest of the time at home. Joe decides to take this offer so he can keep working on his dream and not be out of a job during the economic crisis. Allison is not happy about it, and it does not spell positive things for their marriage in the upcoming weeks. Noooo, don't hurt the Dubois couple! They're too perfect together!

"Medium" is on NBC Monday nights at 10 PM EST.

Medium Stars: Patricia Arquette, Miguel Sandoval, Jake Weber, Sofia Vassilieva, Maria Lark, David Cubitt, Anjelica Huston

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer