The latest episode of "Medium" is one of those that you see the writing on the wall in the very beginning, and just have to sit back and try to enjoy the rest of the ride afterward. It's easy to figure out and has been done many times before. Introduce a character that seems to go over the main character's head in their specialty, and then it turns out they are part of the crime in the first part. Snooze.

Allison dreams about a bank teller named Ruth telling her boss that their bank is about to be robbed. She sees it in dreams. This of course does happen, and Allison greets Ruth herself with a sympathetic smile. Ruth doesn't want to respond to her questions, and later on Allison dreams that one of the bank robbers killed the other because there is missing money. Ruth calls her from a park and says that she found the body through her dreams. Both Allison and Ruth have to draw pictures of the murderer. Ruth is a meek and sweet tempered lady, lonely enough that when she meets one of the bank robbers before the robbery, he manages to sweet talk her. He invites her to come tango with him that night, but she's too scared to go in. Instead she follows him into the nearby bar, trying to get courage, and overhears him and his friend talking about their bank robbery. Because only in TV and movies do criminals loudly talk about their nefarious plans in public places.

Allison now suspects openly that Ruth is making all of it up, especially when she has a dream of Ruth coming home to find the dead body in her own house. She gets angry after Ruth draws the wrong picture of the murderer, but Ruth says it is only because Allison is jealous of her visions. Devalos sits there looking like he wishes he was elsewhere; so do I, Devalos. Of course Ruth overheard the bank robbers and actually stole a chunk of money, pretending it was for them. The killer robber figured it out and threatened her, so she covered for him but then holds him at gunpoint and runs away. She tells Allison the truth and everything is happily sorted. Ruth even gets a date with her boss. Ruth was a sweet character, but it was all way too easy to piece together.

The episode focused a little more on the lives of the characters since the case itself was simple. Joe starts his long distance juggling, which makes no one especially happy, and lets Ariel take his car. She plans on driving her sisters to school and gets nervous about leaving something in the house, so she leaves them there. Bridgette decides it would be smart to prove she can drive as well and ends up backing the car into someone else. No one is hurt, but she's in trouble! Scanlon is having baby problems of his own since his girlfriend is coming to the date, and he seems afraid of being any part of the process. We've seen this every time he's dealt with the baby so far, but it is explained a little more when he visits his formerly abusive father in a retirement home.

This was an alright episode, although one that might have fit midseason rather than the end of the season, since it's lackluster in the story. Then again they're going to change all of that next week when the season finale rocks the "Medium" world. Just so fans know, "Medium" will be moving to CBS next season on Friday nights. NBC decided not to pick it back up, but CBS owns the rights. So you're going to have to follow the Dubois family to another channel!

"Medium" is on NBC Monday nights at 10 PM EST.

Medium Stars: Patricia Arquette, Miguel Sandoval, Jake Weber, Sofia Vassilieva, Maria Lark, David Cubitt, Anjelica Huston

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer

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