Well, "Medium" is so done with NBC now, and they certainly gave it a bittersweet ending. It will be interesting to see how CBS brings the show back next season, but it's a good thing that this isn't the end of the show; way too depressing! There was one major hole I could see in this week's plot: Allison has a brain tumor. It was just a few weeks ago that she slipped into an unknown coma. Now one would assume if she was not responding, they would have done plenty of tests on her brain at that point to figure out the problem. Did a tumor seriously grow that fast? How much time was it between then and now? Was it because of her visions? Was this just a plot device they made up at the spur of the moment to try and cripple CBS' new view of the show? The last one kind of makes sense, in a mean way.

Allison is not having a good week. She has a dream a year in the future, and an unknown police officer meets with her. Apparently her entire family was slaughtered. Cue Allison being a half-crazed person for the rest of the episode, and who can honestly blame her? Joe tries to calm her down and assure her that fate isn't always written, and logic doesn't do much to sway her fear. Obviously on this show fate isn't fate, because Allison does manage to stop murderers and save people from time to time. It's just hard for her to remember that when it is her own family being threatened.

She agrees to help Devalos and his team on a new crime syndicate problem in Mexico. They are trying to find Oswaldo Castillo, a murderer for a Mexican drug cartel. Allison figures out that one of their undercover agents, Scanlon's friend Luis, is missing and being tortured by Oswaldo. She is proven right when Luis shows up cut up into little pieces. This is a really gruesome episode of "Medium." Torture, explosions, blood, massacres...way to go all out NBC. While this is all going on Allison starts having serious migraines and it makes her forget Ariel's dance audition, and she is snapping at everyone. In the future, Allison is trying to find Oswaldo, the murderer of her family, and the unknown police officer turns out to be a man named Daniel. He's been on the task force for awhile and lost his own wife to Oswaldo.

Finally the pain becomes too much for Allison and when she thinks she knows where Oswaldo is, she passes out. They found a tumor on her brain stem, which Allison already knows she survived since in the future she's seeking vengeance. In the future she tracks down Oswaldo's doctor and manages to get a secret phone number of his by looking through the files. In the hospital she is going to get the surgery, until she has a vision. In it her future self tells Devalos that she lost her visions after the surgery and couldn't see when her family was in trouble. So Allison runs out of the hospital and hides, trying to make sure she can use her powers one last time.

This was the smartest course of action, since she dreams about Oswaldo and it all comes together. Daniel was in on it the whole time and let them kill his wife since she found out about his corrupt nature. Her future self lets gas in the house and shoots Oswaldo, killing all three of them. Allison wakes up and Devalos helps her catch Daniel in the act ... yay! Case solved with the Dubois family safe and sound ... uh oh, except for Allison. Who drops into a coma after her surgery and they don't know if she'll ever wake up.

Good luck next season, CBS!

Medium Stars: Patricia Arquette, Miguel Sandoval, Jake Weber, Sofia Vassilieva, Maria Lark, David Cubitt, Anjelica Huston

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer