On Wednesday, actress Mayim Bialik was involved in a car crash and sustained "a severe injury to her left thumb."

A vehicle carrying three tourists from Chile collided with "The Big Bang Theory" star's white volvo.  According to TMZ.com, Bialik was rushed to the hospital and, "Her finger was almost completely severed... It was just hanging there."

L.A. police department Sgt. Monte Houze confirmed to People.com, "From what I was told, there was a lot of blood at the scene. (Bialik suffered) a severe injury to her left thumb."

Bialik's husband Michael Stone updated his wife's Twitter:  "(husband typing) In pain but will keep all my fingers."

The actress is most known for her role on the 1990s sitcom "Blossom." After taking a break from acting she received her PhD in neuroscience in 2007. She and her husband have two children.