If a man uses a gun for protection, you can make a fair assessment of his character. If you're the type of person who respects people for kicking asses and taking names with their bare hands, then check out Maxim.com's "Human Weapons" to discover the guys who are tougher than tough.

Jason Bourne — The Bourne Identity (Matt Damon)

Paul Rudd pretty much nailed it in the 40-Year-Old-Virgin: "I used to think Matt Damon was a Streisand, but he's rocking the s&*t in this one." Damon surprised everyone by turning in a neck-snapping performance that was a long way from Good Will Hunting. Bourne doesn't know his own name, but he can instantly think of 80 different ways to mess you up.

Big Chris — Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Vinnie Jones)

The toughest guys are usually the ones that start out the quietest. Big Chris doesn't like a hassle when he's collecting money from the local crime lords, and won't tolerate foul language (especially from his son, Little Chris). But push him too far and before you know it, your head is being slammed into a car door. Like the man himself says, "It's been emotional."

Tyler Durden — Fight Club (Brad Pitt)

He may be crazier than a s#@t-house rat, but Durden is nothing if not committed to his anarchist ideals. Willing to beat himself up (and others) to a pulp, willing to blow up entire city blocks, and -when his internal identity struggle gets to be too much - willing to shoot himself in the face and carry on a conversation. Tell us, what have you done?

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