Many of the single player DLC campaigns for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 have a similar plot driver—a well-known character needs you to accomplish a personal mission. Omega, the new DLC for Mass Effect 3, is no different, but unfortunately, unlike the masterful Lair of the Shadow Broker for Mass Effect 2, there’s little at stake for you, Commander Shepard.

If you’re a fan of Aria T’Loak, or have read some of the Mass Effect comics, you know that her Omega base was captured by Cerberus. She comes to you at the beginning of the Omega DLC and asks you to help recapture the base. She also tells you that you can’t bring any of your crew along—just as the case was in the Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2. You will, however, get a chance to fight alongside both Aria and later Nyreen, the franchise’s first female Turian character.

Carrie-Anne Moss voices Aria and is a commanding presence. Since my Shepard is the ultimate golden boy even by Paragon standards, I rarely agreed with her—instead siding with Nyreen when they butted heads. But ultimately, my decisions and my morals had little impact on the actual story and eventual ending of the campaign.

I play Mass Effect games for the story and while I was disappointed by the ending and how inconsequential it felt to the rest of the game, I certainly enjoyed the heck out of the ride. This is one long assault—and I do mean long, as the DLC lasts at least three and a half hours.

You’ll fight two new enemies as well, known as the Rampart Mech and the Adjutants. The introduction of the Adjutants felt like it was straight out of a Dead Space game as you traverse darkened corridors and hear their breathing before they attack. The segment is brief, but memorable, and the enemies pack a punch whenever they slam into you.

There’s a hub area where you can do a few side missions in between the fighting, but most don’t amount to much. (I didn’t care much to locate someone’s, yes, couch.) Unfortunately if you’re a completionist, you will need to do these missions before you finish Omega since once the DLC is over, you can’t return. (Unlike Lair of the Shadow Broker where you could return to that base any time you wanted.)

While Leviathan, the previous DLC for Mass Effect 3, deepened the franchise story and our overall knowledge of the Reapers, the Omega DLC feels more like a digression and distraction from the main plot. It is, however, a fun one especially for those that love the gunplay elements of Mass Effect. If you’re looking for a strong story though, you might want to wait for the next DLC. But if you’re a Mass Effect 3 fan like me, you’ll still probably have a good time helping assault the Omega base.

Omega is out now for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is not available for the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3.

* Disclosure: A copy of Omega was provided by Electronic Arts, the publisher of Mass Effect 3, for the purposes of this review. *