Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC is sort of like the American Reunion movie. It’s a chance to revisit with old friends one last time. Some you are overjoyed to see and the jokes bring a smile to your face—others just fall flat and you wonder why that character is even there, even if for nostalgia’s sake. But overall, you’re happy you got to spend some time with them all again. (Yes, that means I liked American Reunion.)

There’s really two parts to the Citadel DLC. The first part is a straight mission across the Citadel and even the Normandy that involves taking down an enemy that wants to, let’s just say, replace Commander Shepard. It’s a treat for true fans, especially as you make your way through the Citadel archives and learn (or re-learn) how humanity came to impact other species across the galaxies.

The final boss is also difficult, but well worth it. I didn’t like the “stealth” portion of the mission earlier on, but the action parts were the best of any of the Mass Effect 3 DLC.

After defeating that final boss – who I won’t spoil here – you get an opportunity to explore a new hub that includes your own personal apartment that you can decorate, as well as a casino, a bar and even a fighting arena. More importantly, characters from Mass Effect 3 and earlier entries in the series appear and have various storylines for you to partake in. You can catch up with Zaeed, for instance in the arcade, as he struggles with the claw game.

This DLC pack also had more jokes than probably the entire game—and they were earned jokes that poked fun at the characters and the situations. I guess when you’re busy trying to save the universe, you sometimes forget you need to have a little fun. (I especially laughed at Shepard realizing perhaps he sounds a little lame when he’s issuing orders.)

And that was the whole point of it all. Anderson gives you his apartment because he wants you to have fun and remember what you’re fighting for. So after you defeat that boss, you have one more required mission—throw a party for your squad-mates and friends you’ve met over the course of the series.

You don’t have to invite everyone, but I did… if only to see how some of them interact each with other. And I encouraged them all to get drunk, very drunk. (I’m glad to see that my choices in past games are reflected in the Citadel DLC because sure enough, Ashley my love interest, was the girl that woke up to me the next morning.)

Some characters get more attention than others—Miranda, for instance, seems like she’s just there to check a box. But hearing some of those character’s voices again should thrill any true Mass Effect fan. The action is also thrilling and deep—you’ll spend at least 2 and a half hours playing through the main parts of Citadel.

Mass Effect 3: Citadel is available now for download on PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 for $14.99 or 1200 MS Points.

* Disclosure: A copy of Citadel was provided by the publisher for the purposes of this review. *