Funnyman Martin Short once wrecked Christmas for his kids by falling asleep before he had wrapped presents and put them under the tree. 

The star had spent the day running around taking care of the festive chores to allow his late wife, who had just delivered the couple's third child, to rest - but he forgot one vital task. 

He recalls, "My wife had pulled her back so she was now in bed, so I said, 'Don't worry, I'll take care of Christmas Eve...' and I'm running around and I'm bringing her sandwiches and I'm making sure the kids (are OK) and I'm so exhausted. 

"I kept saying to (daughter) Katherine, 'Now you be good or Santa (won't come)...' and Oliver (my son) is crying and I get into bed with him and it's around 9.30 and I fall asleep and I forget to set up anything. 

"In the morning Katherine comes in and says, 'He didn't come. All your threats and warnings and he actually didn't come!' 

"I said to her that I'd heard a noise in the middle of the night and I'd seen this fat man in a red suit and I wrestled him and got all the presents away."