A human rights group has slammed Mariah Carey for singing for authoritarian Angolan President Josè Eduardo Dos Santos on Sunday. She was paid $1 million for a two-hour concert for the dictator.

Dos Santos detractors claim he has murdered many politicians, journalists and others who have defied his orders, as well as monopolizing and exploiting oil and diamond resources and seizing control of almost all aspects of government power.

Human Rights Foundation president Thor Halvorssen explained: "It is the sad spectacle of an international artist purchased by a ruthless police state to entertain and whitewash the father-daughter kleptocracy that has amassed billions in ill-gotten wealth while the majority of Angola lives on less than $2 a day."

The mobile phone company Unitel, owned by Dos Santos' daughter, co-sponsored the concert. Do Santos' daughter is also head of the Angolan Red Cross, which reportedly received $65,000 in benefit funds from the gig.

Five years ago, the pop star, 43, apologized after performing for notorious dictator Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, who was killed during the Arab Spring uprising in 2011.

Halvorssen continued: "Mariah Carey can't seem to get enough dictator cash. Just five years ago she performed for the family of Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi. Now, she goes from private performances to public displays of support and credibility for one of Africa's chief human rights violators and most corrupt tyrants."

Carey reportedly posed for a picture with Dos Santos and his family, and according to the Human Rights Foundation, said: "I am happy to be here in this room and I am honored to share this show with the President of Angola."