It was the kiss heard 'round the dance floor, but was it really necessary? Maria Menounos and Derek Hough tried to spice up their Dancing with the Stars performance the other night by stripping off clothes and kissing - but not everyone was impressed.

Their salsa routine to Ricky Martin's Cup of Life featured Derek ripping off his shirt and going topless halfway through, just before Maria pulled him in for a lingering kiss to the cheers of the crowd. Still, judge Carrie-Ann Inaba wasn't buying it. She said, "Just being an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy, I don't think you needed the kiss. I think that was a sell out. Dance is about the illusion of passion. Don't go at it in front of everyone. Save it for backstage."

Despite the harsh critique, the pair scored three 9s. However, that was only good enough to be second to Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas on a high-scoring night. 

What do you think? Does PDA belong on the dance floor?