At a recent Lifeime network Q&A, Margaret Cho talked about the upcoming second season of "Drop Dead Diva," including guest stars she'd like to have and how she balances stand-up comedy with being on a TV show.

Why should viewers tune in during the summer?

"Melanoma.  You don't want to be getting skin cancer if you're outside, and the sun is not good for us anymore." Cho said.  "So it's much better to sit in front of your TV, it's like so much healthier for you than being out where there's holes in the ozone.  It's dangerous outside.  The sun's rays are just murderous and so you do best avoiding them altogether and staying in and watching your TV."

As for guest stars, Cho would love to have Kim Kardashian and Madonna use their acting chops, as well as Hole singer Courtney Love.

"She (Love) would be a fabulous guest star for us.  I want Cher. That would be really fun, too.  Any number of people would be great, great for our show," explained Cho.

Margaret plays the role of legal assistant, Teri Lee, on the series which premieres its second season on June 6 at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.