Universal Pictures announced today that its computer-animated big-screen feature, "The Tale of Despereaux" -- an adaptation of the Newbery Medal-winning children's bestseller -- will feature a stellar cast to voice the story of one small mouse's quest to change a kingdom forever.

Now cast are 10 actors whose stage and screen work, coupled with their signature voices, lends "The Tale of Despereaux" the humor and drama needed to tell the enchanting story. Included are actors:

* Robbie Coltrane as the palace jailer, Gregory. Gregory has a mysterious past and has suffered great loss in his life. He has given up hope of finding a long-lost family member, who may yet appear to him ...

* Ciaran Hinds as the sinister leader of the sewer rats, Botticelli. Botticelli despises humans, the light and adores torture. The rat will prove to be a powerful adversary in the valiant quest of young Despereaux.

* Dustin Hoffman as the good-hearted rat who livesin the darkness and covets a world filled with light, Roscuro. A misunderstood creature that thinks he is human, Roscuro doesn't understand why others run from him, as he just longs for understanding and to escape from the dark world of the rats.

* Kevin Kline as the king's royal cook, Andre. Andre works in the Kingdom of Dor's royal castle and is responsible for inventing a new soup each year for the citizens. He becomes very depressed when the king banishes soup from Dor after a very unfortunate accident, and he will provide aid on Despereaux's quest.

* Christopher Lloyd as the old, blind mouse, Hovis. Hovis is one of the few in the mouse world who understands Despereaux's enthusiasm and desire to shirk cowering and skittering from his life.

* Justin Long as the brave and virtuous mouse, Despereaux, a diminutive fellow saddled with comically-oversized ears and who wheezes when he runs. Noble and brave, Despereaux is oblivious to the darkness and cynicism around him and will prove an unlikely hero whose quest is to shed light into the kingdom around him.

* William H. Macy as Despereaux's timid father, Lester. All Lester wants for his youngest child is to learn how to be a proper mouse, one who cowers, skitters and doesn't question a life lived in fear.

* Stanley Tucci as Andre's ally in the kitchen, Boldo. Boldo is an odd, seven-foot genie who proves a constant source of companionship (and annoyance) to Andre as they create delicious soups for Dor.

* Tracey Ullman as a slow-witted serving girl who harbors a simple, impossible wish, Mig. A pig-herder whose father ridicules her daily, Mig desires nothing more than to become a princess and live the life she's always been denied.

* Sigourney Weaver as The "Tale of Despereaux's" Narrator who speaks directly to the audience, guiding them through the story and drawing them further into the tiny mouse's big world.

"The Tale of Despereaux" tells the story of a brave little mouse whose inauspicious beginnings lead to a heroic and magical adventure. The film comes to theaters for the 2008 holiday season.