Marking the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, Lifetime Television's latest Pulse Poll found an undercurrent of public skepticism still exists surrounding the circumstances of the Princess of Wales' passing.

According to this national survey, a strong minority (43%) are not convinced that her death was an accident, while nearly one-third believe investigations into the events of the evening of August 31, 1997 should continue.

A 2006 BBC poll found 43% Brits believed that the car crash which killed Princess Diana was an accident.

The Lifetime Pulse Poll (telephone survey of 1,010 adults 7/26-7/29) also found:

" When asked about what they think Princess Diana will be most remembered for, more than one-third (35%) say her charity work, followed by 18% who cite her marriage to Prince Charles and another 18% her tragic death.

" The majority say that if Princess Diana were alive today she would have launched a foundation (84%) and/or gotten remarried (68%).

" Almost one-quarter (24%) feel Diana would have had more children with 17% predicting she would have eventually moved to America.

" 47% say Diana would approve of Kate Middleton, Prince William's recent love interest, as a prospective daughter-in-law compared to 38% who felt she would've approved of Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry's recent love interest.

" Almost two-thirds don't think that Prince William's future wife will ever be able to fill Diana's shoes as the "People's Princess."

" Among some of the historic deaths that occurred in the last 10 years, such as Ronald Reagan, JFK Jr., and Frank Sinatra, a significantly higher percentage claims to remember Princess Diana's death most clearly (33%). Almost two-thirds (62%) of the women polled expressed an interest in learning more about the circumstances surrounding her death.

" The death of Lady Diana was also a personal marker for a majority of women. Slightly more than half (52%) the women polled remember exactly where they were when they learned she'd died.

The Lifetime Original Movie "The Murder of Princess Diana" airs in a special three night premiere Saturday, August 25 at 9PM, Sunday, August 26 at 6PM and Monday, August 27 at 9PM on Lifetime Television. The film also airs on Friday, August 31 at 9PM, the 10th anniversary of Diana's passing. All times are ET/PT.

"The Murder of Princess Diana" stars Jennifer Morrison in a fictionalized account of the book by the same name by Noel Botham, which theorized that the car crash that claimed the lives of the Princess of Wales, her companion Dodi Fayed and their chauffeur Henri Paul, was a conspiracy. Morrison portrays a journalist who witnesses the tragic car crash and quickly becomes convinced it was not just an accident.

The network will also present the candid and explosive 1995 BBC landmark interview conducted by award-winning journalist Martin Bashir with the late Princess of Wales, airing Saturday, August 25 at 8PM (ET/PT), Sunday, August 26 at 5PM (ET/PT), Monday, August 27 at 11PM (ET/PT) and Friday, August 31 at 8PM (ET/PT)

In the poignant conversation, the "People's Princess" opened up to Bashir about her personal and private life. She shed light on the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles and how the intense media scrutiny made her personal life almost unbearable. Additionally, she discussed her depression and eating disorder, her love affair with her riding trainer James Hewitt, as well as the difficulties of raising her children in a royal fishbowl. The BBC Interview with Princess Diana and Martin Bashir was originally part of the broadcaster's "Panorama" series. Mike Robinson was producer and Steve Hewlett was editor. The interview was acquired from BBC Worldwide America.