It's fall finale time on "Prison Break," folks. Thus far, the season has been chock full of revelations, lies, betrayals, plot twists (both conceivable and far out) and of course, deaths. Plenty of deaths. Did the body count continue to climb in this final episode of 2008? Have we been provided with some answers, or just more questions? Most importantly, has T-Bag's facial hair changed for the third episode in a row?

Lincoln in Charge (of our days, and our nights)

Having been given his mission to reclaim Scylla by The General (Leon Russom), Lincoln finds himself in charge of a motley crew consisting of Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), Self (Michael Rapaport) and T-Bag (Robert Knepper). Apparently, T-Bag found some time to get a nice shave while recovering from impromptu dentistry performed by Lincoln last week, as the Gary Oldman goatee has been eliminated (for the second time this season) in favor of the clean-shaven look. Does anyone else mourn the passing of the "Cole Pfeiffer Mustache?"

It's always fun to see Lincoln in charge of a team or plan, because he handles things in his own little Linc the Sink manner. Sure enough, within the first five minutes of the episode, Lincoln turns a little reconnaissance trip into an all out brawl, punching everyone in the immediate vicinity. He comes out of the fight thinking he has a warm lead, only to be double crossed by the woman who was scared into helping him.

The gang then works on finding the slippery Scylla buyer (or stealer, which would be more appropriate) before he flees the country. Self and T-Bag create a side alliance, hoping to oust Lincoln from his leadership position and install Self as the de facto "boss" of the group. The coup does not prove successful, as Mahone (William Fichtner), short hair and all, comes to the rescue.

Michael, "The Prisoner"

While all of these mad cap hijinks are going on in the outside world, Michael (Wentworth Miller) is hanging out at a relaxing little mountain retreat. Of course he is being held against his will and being brainwashed by a very, very ethically suspect psychiatrist, but hey, at least the view is nice. The General's purpose for sending Michael on the all expense paid trip is simple - he wants to brainwash him and add him to The Company fold. Interestingly enough, The General has shown a desire to do this before, way back in season 2 (in between trying to kill him of course).

The psychiatrist tells Michael that his mother, whom he and Lincoln thought was dead, is in fact alive. Not only is she alive, but she still works for The Company. Apparently she faked her death to protect the safety of Michael and Lincoln. Never mind the fact that The Company, which she is a part of, has been trying to kill Michael and Lincoln for the better part of four seasons.

Michael is eventually rescued from captivity by Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies). Sara discovered the location of the hideaway from The General's disgruntled daughter, who has suddenly become very disillusioned about Daddy's way of doing business. Sara and Michael successfully evade the men on their trail, and ride off into the sunset.

Showdown for Scylla

While Lincoln, Mahone, Self and T-Bag are bumbling around, following lukewarm to ice cold leads, Gretchen quietly locates the Scylla buyer on her fancy Company database, and sets up a meeting with him. She agrees to help him and his employer hold on to Scylla, in exchange for 10 million dollars. She then leads the rest of the gang into a trap, where they are ambushed by the buyer and a couple of his lackeys. Yes, it might be a shock, but for the 333rd time in the series, Gretchen has double crossed someone. She quickly turns that double cross into a triple, as she suddenly realizes that peace for her family and a normal life is more important than the money, and she quickly kills the buyer's henchmen, turning the tables.

The buyer tries to stall the gang, as he has already shipped Scylla to his boss, and they figure it out. A short confrontation ensues, and the buyer shoots Gretchen, before getting shot and killed himself. Lincoln wants to finish Gretchen off, despite voice of reason T-Bag (yes, you read that correctly!) all but begging him not too. Eventually, Lincoln decides to spare her, instead making what he most assuredly thought was a witty remark about her going to prison.

Here's Mommy!

We now know that Lincoln and Michael's mother is alive, and thanks to the clues dropped over the last few episodes, it is quite apparent that she is the mysterious superior of the Scylla buyer. She calls her buyer, who is now dead, and Lincoln answers his phone. She is silent, and he promises that he will find and kill whoever it is. Looks like the tables have turned, mommy dearest. Now your son is trying to kill you.

What do you think will happen in the Spring episodes? Will Sucre ever return? Is this the end of Gretchen? What kind of facial hair will T-Bag sport next? Leave a comment!

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer