Last week, I featured key quotes from a recent conference call with Ryan Cartwright who plays Gary Bell on Alphas; after the premiere, Malik Yoba, who plays Bill Harken, was kind enough to do a call as well.

Alphas came back with its second season premiere last Monday with 1.7 million total viewers.  You can catch new episodes at 10 pm ET on SyFy.

Here are some key quotes from Yoba’s interview:

On helping with the fighting choreography: “I practiced martial arts growing up so I try to incorporate some of that stuff, like you saw last season when I did that flying kick and bust through the door, that was you know, my idea. It was written like, ‘Harken like a rhino busts through a door.’ I was like, ‘No, I’m going to be a little more elegant. How about if I fly through the air and kick it?’ And so I just did it.”

On what Alpha power he’d love to have: “I'd have the ability to stop - to make people stop asking the same question. I don't know man, I guess I'd levitate or something.” (He must get asked that question a lot.)

On his character’s wife wanting to have a baby: “She has an affair with another Alpha woman. You heard it here first. Oh is that a spoiler, I hate when I do that. No we get to - we just actually shot a scene the other day. So the baby issue definitely continues and is dealt with in an interesting way.”

On how his character was originally written: “Well the irony is Bill was written as a white dude with an Asian wife. So when we did the pilot there were still script - you know, stage directions that, you know, talked about a white guy with his cheeks reddened and I told them to leave it because I thought it was kind of funny that you know … Like the wife, I thought she should have remained Asian. You know, I've never had - every time I've actually had an opportunity to have an Asian woman as a character in a movie or a TV show there's some reason why they couldn't find one. I'm like, ‘That's ridiculous.’ So - not that I'm trying to not have black women work, but I just think that in general, like I'm directing a film right now, and I'm very conscious of showing the world I live in – that's important to me, that we live in a diverse society. I think that television and mass media definitely has a great responsibility in presenting the whole story, which we don't always do.”

On his character’s relationship with Gary: “The relationship remains solid. Yes, we still, you know, Bill's not going to let Gary go. Bill secretly loves Gary like, you know, a little brother. Even though he doesn't always show it, but that's actually one of favorite beats to play.”

And on the most challenging part of his role and on how he’s different than his character: “Not looking like I did when I was 26 … and I think Bill is shorter.”