Maggie Q’s new movie Priest gives her another female fighter to play. Priestess (Q) belongs to a religious order who have turned to killing vampires in the future. That might give her an edge over TV’s superspy Nikita.

“The Priests have been given these heightened abilities,” Q said. “They’re not superheroes, but they’re touched by the hand of God. They don’t do what Superman or Spider-Man does, but their abilities are heightened. So Priestess has a gift and Nikita has had to earn her gifts. Priestess is pretty cool, but Nikita is very well armed. Where does her stuff come from? Where does she get her guns from? She just pulls one out. Every time we get to that problem, where we’re like, ‘Where did she get that from?’ we’re like, ‘Just whatever. Moving on. It just fell out of the sky. Whatever.’”

We don’t normally think of priests as cool vampire hunters. Even in the movie, their life requires dramatic sacrifices to keep us safe. “People always ask how there are female priests, but in this world there are. At the end of the day, Priestess is still a woman. She still feels things and wants things in her life. There are things that she will never, ever have, and things that were taken away, and things that she’s never experienced, that she wants. It’s sad because, will that ever happen? We don’t know.”

Maybe in the sequel. Priest opens Friday.

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