Madonna demands a brand new toilet seat at every concert she plays. The Hung Up singer is said to be so paranoid about germs she has requested that her dressing room toilets are fitted with a fresh seat for every night of her Confessions world tour.

A source revealed to Daily Mirror newspaper: "The seat has to be inspected by her people, then installed - with an unbroken seal - by plumbers before every gig."

Madonna's spokesperson Liz Rosenburg has defended her seemingly outrageous demands. She said: "Who wouldn't want a new toilet seat wherever they go."

The bizarre request is just one of many of the singer's crazy tour demands. She also requires three candles to protect her from negative vibes and mean-spiritedness, a relaxing foot spa complete with lavender and camomile body soak, plenty of Kabbalah water, and a love seat.

Madonna, 47, also insists her dressing room is covered with white drapes and white roses - the symbolic colour of her Kabbalah faith.

The UK leg of her tour kicks off in Cardiff, Wales, on Sunday.