Madonna demanded to meet her daughter Lourdes' boyfriend when she discovered she was dating actor Timothee Chalamet, it has been claimed.

The Like a Virgin singer's 16-year-old daughter has begun a romance with Homeland star, a fellow pupil at LaGuardia drama school in New York - and after  Madonna discovered the news she wanted to meet him immediately. Luckily for the 17-year-old actor, she was impressed by him.

A source told Britain's Grazia magazine: "As soon as Madonna heard Lourdes was seeing someone, she summoned him to her New York home for inspection. Timothee was pretty nervous but Madonna seemed impressed after meeting him. He did his best to charm her, but it was nerve-racking."

During the meeting, Madonna reportedly lectured Lourdes and Timothee on what she would and wouldn't allow them to do.

The source added: "Madonna told them there will be no smoking or alcohol. She knows just the sort of things teenagers like to get up to unsupervised."

Last year, the 54-year-old pop claimed her daughter was "too young" to date.

She said: "She doesn't go on dates with boys - she's too young."