We knew she had it in her. Elisabeth Moss, 29, who plays Peggy Olson on "Mad Men," shows off her sexy side in the March 8 issue of Page Six Magazine.

The actress opens up about her short-lived marriage to Fred Armisen, being single, her saucy new look, and what it's like playing a feminist.

Moss and the "Saturday Night Live" funnyman wed in October 2009 after a whirlwind romance. She says: "One of the greatest things I heard someone say about him is, ‘He’s so great doing impersonations. But the greatest impersonation he does is that of a normal person.’ To me, that sums it up."

About her biting remarks, she adds: "I’m probably gonna get a slap on the wrist. But I’ve just been such a good girl. And sometimes you just want to be a bad girl for a minute."

Posing in a revealing trench coat and lingerie for Page Six Magazine's cover, Moss says of her saucy new look: "People will be surprised. I don’t walk around in a Burberry trench coat and bra all the time, but it’s fun to embrace that part of yourself.  I think every woman has a sexy, adventurous side."

On being single: "It’s fun to go out at night and not know what’s going to happen. I’m addicted and obsessed with my freedom in that sense. I’m having fun!"

On being a feminist icon: "As women in the workplace, we're constantly trying to find a balance between being taken seriously and feeling sexy and good about ourselves…if you believe your ideas should be respected and if you believe you have a voice, then you're a feminist."

On eventually having kids: "I have a tremendous amount of respect for my mother, and it makes me want to be a really great mother. And sure, in an ideal world I can do it all. But I think for now I’m too young to know. You almost have to get older to understand that you’re too young to know."

On season five of "Mad Men," premiering March 25, she says: "I am ecstatic with what happens this season.  I think the audience is going to be surprised. For me, it was very meaningful with what happens to Peggy."

Check out the entire interview with Elisabeth Moss today in Page Six Magazine, free inside the New York Post and at http://www.nypost.com/pagesixmag.

On "Mad Men," Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks, right) easily outshines the dowdier Peggy Olson: