That dance between Don and Peggy in Mad Men 7.6 was creme de la creme, as was the look on Don's face when he awakes and sees Megan in his New York apartment. Otherwise -

Well, I've never been a big fan of the Pete stories and this episode was no different.  Pete and Trudy are completely predictable in their attitudes toward one another, including their dialogue. The blonde from the West Coast has been the best addition to Pete's life in years, but she was put to scant use. There was a nice shot of her and Megan on the plane back to California, though.

The Bob thread with Joan was a waste of time. Indeed, Joan's entire role this season has so far not been very interesting. She's settled into being a predictable critic of Don and now Harry being elevated to a partnership, which is too bad, since Don being back and Harry being made a partner are the brightest things we've seen in the company so far this year.

Back to Don and Peggy, their dance was so good to see, because it captures their rapprochement, and all that they have professionally meant to each other.   For Peggy, indeed for Don, too, the feeling might even be a little more than professional, but not romantic.  Her head against Don's chest, and his kissing her head, had a very touching father/daughter evocation to it.  In many ways, their relationship has been the one, continuing sinew throughout the series, even when Peggy left the firm.  Her anger at Don now indeed seems like the anger of a daughter whose father left her alone and needing to fend for herself - this even though Peggy perceived herself in competition with Don in the last season, and denigrated by him at times as well.

Burger Chef was also an apt occasion for them to come together. Far and away the least glamorous of the hamburger franchises - nowhere near the level of  McDonald's and Burger King (as I've pointed out, I barely remember it in New York City when I was growing up) - the losing company serves as an ideal tableau for an advertising company struggling to survive.

Still, I'm looking forward to the story moving elsewhere.