Lost star Josh Holloway has been voted the "hottest hunk" on TV. The heartthrob actor, who plays bad boy Sawyer in the hit show, topped the poll in In Touch Weekly magazine. His co-star Evangeline Lilly - who plays Sawyer's love interest, Kate, in the Emmy-winning series - admits she can understand why Holloway has become a sex symbol.

She is quoted on the MSNBC website as saying: "He's the guy who opens doors, carries bags for women and makes sure they feel protected. They're very endearing qualities."

Handsome Holloway, who tied the knot with wife Yessica last year, beat a host of actors - including co-star Matthew Fox, who plays Jack on the show - to take the top spot in the list of small-screen hunks.

Other stars to make the list include, Jake in Progress star John Stamos, 'Bones' hunk David Boreanaz, Jared Padalecki from Supernatural and Patrick Dempsey from Grey's Anatomy.