This is the last week of LOST. After Sunday, there will never be a new episode of this gripping, incredible show again. They are going out on their terms, and it is difficult not to be emotional about it as a long-time fan. Last night was the final time LOST would air as a regular hour, and it set up things nicely for the two and a half hour series finale on Sunday. So let's look at the last normal episode of the best show on television, titled "What They Died For."

They start right out being mean and showing Sun, Jin, and Sayid dying again. Like we ever needed to see that heartbreaking horror again, but fine, because it matters for later. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley all mourn on the beach and Jack stitches up Kate's bullet wound. It escapes no fan's notice that this is a direct parallel to the pilot where Kate helped Jack stitch up a wound. Oh, memories. She says they have to kill Smockey, and he agrees, but yeah, if it was that easy it would've happened already guys. Jack says they have to get moving to find Desmond, because Sayid told them where he was, and Smockey wants him.

On their walk Hurley sees little Jacob, and the boy steals his ashes. Hurley took them off of Ilana's belongings before. Hurley runs after him and sees adult Jacob sitting by a fire. He says the ashes are in the fire, and when it goes out they'll never see him again. He needs all the candidates to gather around him. It's time to make a choice. Jacob explains generally that the smoke monster is his fault, and everyone's been paying for his mistake. See! Last week came back already! He doesn't really explain why they have to defend anything against him or what he wants or what the Island is, but whatever, that's fine. Instead he needs a replacement. He says that the candidates were all chosen because they were as alone and flawed as him.

Kate was crossed out because she became a mother. Does that mean Sun was not the Kwon? Should be. The implication is that as a mother she is no longer alone. Jacob only wanted his replacement to have nothing really to give up. That's nice, even though he still destroyed all their lives in the first place. Everyone knows where this is going. Jacob wants someone to volunteer. The fans wait for Jack to ... yup there he goes. Like this shocks anyone. I'll be honest, it obviously was leading there, but I still wanted to be surprised. Like have the candidate be Hurley instead, because Jack hasn't shown himself to make very many good decisions. But fine, Jack was always the chosen one, everyone knew that from the beginning, ugh. Jacob does the ritual with him, mumbling words and giving him water, and tells him the pocket of energy he needs to keep the smoke monster from is not far from where he crashed in the pilot episode. Kate looks sad, Hurley's just glad it wasn't him, and Sawyer's fuming.

In another chapter of the Island, Ben, Richard, and Miles finally make it to the Dharma village to get the C4. They get it, but Widmore shows up at the house with his lady friend Zoe. He already put explosives on the plane. They realize that the smoke monster is headed to them, so Widmore and Zoe hide in Ben's closet. Richard goes out to talk to the smoke monster, and Miles runs like hell. Ben watches as the smoke monster grabs Richard and sends him sailing into the forest. No one knows if he is dead or alive. Then Smockey hangs out with Ben on his porch and wants him to kill some people for him. Ben's like 'cool, man.'

Now sure Ben comes off as the bad guy (again) in this episode, but the little bugger has surprised us before. I theorize now he'll come through in the end for everyone and die in a good way. Or maybe that's just wishful Severus-Snape thinking. Ben tells him where Widmore is. Smockey goes in, cuts Zoe's throat, and then asks Widmore why he is on the Island. Widmore doesn't want to give him information, but Smockey promises when he leaves the Island he will kill Penny if he doesn't tell. Widmore whispers the answer to Smockey, and right then Ben shoots him multiple times in the chest. He asks if they have more people to kill now. There's also a reminder that Alex died when Miles starts hearing her voice, and Richard gently tells Ben he buried her body for him. So his revenge against Widmore is built up to here. When they get to the well, Desmond is gone. Smockey says he's glad Desmond isn't dead, because apparently he is a 'fail safe' for if the candidates all died, and he can help Smockey destroy the Island. Whaaaat! Desmond can destroy the Island? Cool. Go Des. We knew you were special.

The Sideways world is exciting this week. Desmond stalks Locke some more and Ben catches him. Dr. Linus is so sweet, trying to make a citizen's arrest. He gets beaten to a pulp for it, and starts to have strange flashbacks in the middle. He then tells Locke that Desmond wanted him to "let go" and that he believed him. His story circles nicely when Alex asks him to come home for dinner and he meets her beautiful and not-crazy mother Danielle Rousseau. She tells him he's always been like a real father to Alex, and he gets choked up. It's an emotional moment, don't lie, you were all sniffling too. Meanwhile Desmond turns himself in to Officers Ford and Straume, and they put him in lockdown with Kate Austen and Sayid Jarrah. You can see him muahahaha'ing to himself.

On the way to county, their car pulls over. Desmond makes them promise to do something for him if he gets them out of this situation. Ana Lucia opens the doors, and reveals she is letting them go for the sweet price of $125,000. Who has that kind of money? Why Hurley of course! He shows up and recognizes Ana Lucia immediately, indicating that he has his full memories back. It seems that he, Libby, and Desmond are the only three who have it completely together now. But Desmond wants to change all that. He has Kate come with him, and Sayid is going with Hurley. Desmond is taking Kate to a very special concert, one that a young David Shephard will be playing at and his father is most certainly going to be there. As will Claire, Miles Straume, possibly James Ford, and David's mysterious mother. Who is totally Juliet, guys, it's got to be. And she's going to meet Officer Ford and ask him about coffee.  So that is going to be one interesting concert. Any guesses on where Sayid is going? I'm going to throw out a limb here and say Shannon. Rumors have been that she and Ian Somerhalder are both in the finale, so maybe seeing Shannon, who died in his arms, will trigger Sayid. We'll just have to wait and see.

The finale of the best show on television is this Sunday, May 23rd, and it will be quite an experience. There will be an early recap from 7-8 PM EST, and then the finale will be two and a half hours long. Check out Jimmy Kimmel afterward since he's always been a huge LOST fan and plans to have interviews with most of the cast members about the end of the show. Bring the tissues and get ready to stay goodbye. Oh, LOST, who will be our constant after this?