Ahhh, Sun and Jin, Jin and Sun. Remember when their biggest problems on LOST was him demanding she button up her blouse and her secretly being able to speak English? Good times. Now the Korean couple have been separated for years since Sun was one of the Oceanic 6, raising their daughter in the real world, and Jin was stuck in the 70's Dharmaville. It's been several seasons now with them being separated, and unfortunately their last episode "The Package" does not give the fans the reunion they were so hoping for. Foul, show.

In the flashsideways, Jin and Sun were never married but they are as in love as ever. They were sent to America together to deliver the watch and money for her father. The money was taken at customs, unsurprisingly, and Sun seduces Jin to keep him from going to Keamy's restaurant later that night. They get a few cute moments of bliss, talking about running away together, and then Keamy comes in. He's a creepy man, even if you do know he's about to die at Sayid's hand. He lets Sun go to the bank with Mikhail (ONE EYED MIKHAIL, good to see you) to get the money he's owed, and he takes Jin to the restaurant. He reveals that Sun's father knew about their relationship and planned all this for Keamy to murder Jin. Ouch.

Instead he gets himself murdered by Sayid, ha ha ha, and Sayid gives Jin the means to escape. When Mikhail brings Sun back after they can't get the money, he finds them all dead or dying, and then he has a fight with Jin. He gets shot in the eye (HA) and Sun gets shot in the stomach. She moans that she was pregnant as Jin carries her frantically to a hospital. Oh noooooo. Interesting thought though - if someone dies in the sideways what happens to them in the normal time? We might have to see.

On the Island, Sun is pretty annoyed at Team Jacob. They're all just sitting around waiting for Richard to get his head together, and no one wants to help her find Jin, and she doesn't care about their crummy destiny anyway. She goes out to her old herbal garden and when Jack comes to chatter at her, she shoos him off angrily. Seriously, Jack. Stop annoying everyone. Smockey (Smoke monster + Locke) finds her there and tries to convince her to follow him. He has Jin. Sun doesn't trust him, however, because to be fair she was always creeped out by John Locke in the first place. She runs right into a tree and gets knocked out. Okay, love you Sun, but that was kind of funny.

It's almost a good thing for Smockey that he didn't get Sun to come with him, because it turns out Jin isn't back at the camp anyway. He left Sayid in charge and chatted with Claire about how much they want to kill Kate, but they have to wait until they're off the Island. The fanbase sighs. Do we really have to wait so long? Anyway, while he's gone Widmore's people knocks everyone out surprisingly fast and takes Jin. He wrote a map while in the Dharma about the energy pockets on the Island, and the Tina Fey-Lookalike girl Zoey wants his help. He's like yeah whatever, lemme talk to Widmore already, Liz Lemon.

Widmore gives Jin the camera Sun brought with her, and it has pictures of her and their daughter. This is certainly the most emotional part of the episode, and Daniel Dae Kim rocks it. He moves between joy and sorrow as he looks at his family and wishes he'd been there for everything. Widmore tells Zoe to get 'the package' and talks to Jin about how being a father is hard and he has to help them save the world from Smockey. Yeah, listen to Widmore, he's father of the year. Just ask his estranged daughter and dead son.

Sun wakes up with Ben at her side, and she can no longer speak English. Jack says it might have to do with bumping a certain part of her brain. Right then Richard comes back and he's in Action Man mode. Finally a leader that you don't want to laugh at (Sorry Jack). He plans on crippling the plane that Smockey wants to use to get off, which Sun isn't too happy about. She wants to get off the Island with her husband and she doesn't care about all this destiny baloney. She storms off and no one had a clue what she said. Then Jack gives her a pep talk, reminding all of us they used to be fairly good friends, and he promises he'll help save Jin and get them off the Island. That almost instantly guarantees that the Kwons are doomed. Thanks, Jack.

Smockey goes to have a measuring contest with Widmore, who says he doesn't have Jin, and Smockey's like 'oh the war is on.' Nice. When he comes back Sawyer asks where Sayid is, and we all know this is going to lead to some badass soulless Sayid moments. True enough, he's in the water by the submarine and sees them taking out the package. It's Desmond Hume. Desmond! Yay! Hi Des! Where's Penny? Oh wait, it's actually a bad thing Widmore has him captured. Boo Widmore. Des is drugged up and confused as he sees Sayid in the water, looking terrifying, and then he's dragged away by Widmore's people.

Next week: a Desmond episode! It's about time we see what the Scottish time traveler has been up to.

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