There are only three episodes of LOST left before the big series finale on Sunday, May 23rd. There's going to have to be a support group for us when it's gone. I wonder how soon after the show will the five stages of grief start. I'm already in the denial phase over and over again. In any case, the show is taking a one week vacation and will be back in May. Then it's just a one way road to the series finale. What are the LOST fans going to do? Everyone else will probably be thankful never to hear anything about polar bears on an Island again. They don't know it yet, but they're just a complete DVD set away from becoming crazy fans themselves. So last week Hurley brought the remaining candidates to Smockey (smoke monster + Locke), Smockey threw Desmond down a well (noooo), and in the sideways world Desmond hit Locke with a car to trigger him into remembering the Island. He looked pretty happy about doing it, so maybe there was some payback in there. 

In the Sideways world, Desmond continues to try and bring everyone together by going after the heavily pregnant Claire. She's going to speak with an adoption agency, but he encourages her to see his own lawyer first to make sure she's doing the right thing. Now we all know that Desmond is special and amazing, but he's coming off as slightly creepy here. In any case, she agrees to go and the lawyer is ... Ilana! And here we thought you were dead. She's pretty surprised to see Claire, because she is handling the Shephard will and Claire was a part of it. Oh, Desmond.

Claire is reunited with her brother Jack and his little boy David, but he is called to the hospital before he can respond to this new twist. He has to operate on John Locke - will he be able to fix his spine? He's Magic Jack, of course he can. Also, the shot Sun comes in and it turns out her baby is fine. A more interesting note is that she sees Locke wheeled in with her and recognizes him. She must've been triggered by the near death too! Also, Officer Ford is flirting with Kate, but he does not have the True Love reaction so sorry Skate fans. He and his best friend Miles (Miles and Ford cop show, I'd watch it!) go to pick up Sayid. He tries to run but Sawyer gets him in the back yard. It's great to see all these stories coming together.

On the Island, Smockey wants to have a talk with Jack. He admits he was masquerading as his dead father and led them to the water. The best thing about the smoke monster is his honesty. He might be evil, but at least he's pretty honest about everything. He wants to get off the Island and he will do whatever it takes to do that. Anyway, Claire follows them and admits she knows that Jack is her brother. The siblings reunite here as well, and it's actually very sweet. She says that he's part of Smockey's group whether he wants to be or not. Everyone's reunion is cut short when Tina Fey-lookalike Zoe shows up. She threatens them and signals for Widmore's people to blow up a part of the forest. They want Desmond back.

Smockey is like yeah no, I'm going to kill you all. So he sends Sayid to make sure Desmond is dead, and then sends Sawyer to go get a boat and bring it around. They'll go to the other Island together. Sawyer says sure and takes Kate with him, but he tells Jack he wants them to get away from the evil monster thing. The plan is for Jack to break off with Hurley, Frank, and Sun, and Claire is not invited because she tried to kill Kate. And Sayid's a zombie. Jack feels bad about doing this because Claire admits she hooked up with Smockey since everyone else abandons her, but he brings the others away anyhow. Smockey leaves to go check on Sayid, and Claire follows them.

Sayid swears he killed Desmond, but most of us know there's no way. Des spoke gently to him at the end and implied that Nadia would not be proud of what he was doing to save her. And no one can hurt him, brutha! Kate tells Sawyer Claire has to come with them, and she talks Claire down. This is a sweet moment too, why is Claire inspiring all the sweetest moments on the show? They sail off, but Jack changes his mind. He thinks they have to stay on the Island and he doesn't want them to leave. Sawyer tells him to get off the damn boat, so he does. Great. Go hang out with the smoke monster, Jack. No one wants you on their team anyway.

Smokey does! He's glad to see him and doesn't seem too surprised that Sawyer stole his boat. The Widmorians attack the beach right then, and Smokey saves Jack. Meanwhile Sawyer and co. get to the other Island and meet up with the Widmorians. Jin and Sun finally reunite. There was this terrifying moment when they were running at one another that I thought the electromagnetic beams were on, but it turns out they weren't. The two hug and kiss and it's beautiful, but when he says 'we'll never be separated again,' it's like challenging the fates or something! Then Zoe and her people take all of them hostage. Because Widmore sucks. Come on, James, we all knew that.

Hey, anyone else wondering where Richard, Ben, and Miles are?

LOST is on ABC Tuesday nights at 9 PM EST.