If you're a LOST fan, you already know this is going to be a difficult recap. The show is no stranger to intense tragedy, especially not when early on they established that anyone could die at any time. The most shocking example of this was probably when Ana Lucia and Libby died in one foul swoop, and at the hands of another Lostie at that. However, never on the show has an episode taken four characters in one pivotal scene, three of whom were regulars from season one. It was harsh, it was violent, and for the first time the fans probably do believe it when the writers say the ending of this show is going to be intense. Thanks a lot for stabbing us over and over to get that point across.

In the Sideways world, Jack fixed Locke's emergency problem but he also thinks he can fix Locke's legs. Locke says no thank you and goes back to his life. But Doctor "I must fix everything" Jack is obsessed with finding out why Locke doesn't want to be a 'candidate' for experiments that could give him back his legs. He starts snooping and meets Bernard (!!!!) and realizes there are a lot of people running into him that are from Oceanic 815. Weird? You better believe it, Jack-o. He finds out that Anthony Cooper was in the accident with Locke, but Cooper is just a vegetable now. Is Cooper still the Sawyer that killed Sawyer's parents? Hmmm. Locke convinced him to go on a plane that he was flying, and they had a crash. He blames himself, and he still doesn't want Jack's help. Jack pouts. But he redeems himself by being adorable and inviting his new sister Claire to stay with him because she's family. Awww, Sideways Jack, you're almost as tolerable as season one Jack.

On the Island, bad things are about to happen. The entire first half of the episode was consistently tense, so the fans all knew there was going to be hell to pay. The Losties are captured by Widmore's men and Smokey decides to get them out with Sayid and Jack's help. Sawyer and Kate find themselves in the bear cages again, but this time there are no smoochies. Smokey kills all the guards there, and then he goes to the plane and kills those guards too. He's basically the scariest mofo ever int his episode. He finds C4 on the plane and takes it out, putting it in plain sight of all the Losties into his backpack. This becomes important later on. Maybe it's just me, but when someone takes a huge thing of C4 and puts it into their backpack, I'm going to be paying attention to it. Because they've had some bad experiences with dynamite already.

He decides to go after the submarine instead, and Sawyer's all like finally! He pretends to be friendly with Smokey, but then he asks Jack to make sure the monster never gets onto the sub. They attack the sub and are under fire, although everyone but Claire, Jack, and Smokey go inside of it. Kate is shot in the shoulder. Smokey hands over a backpack to Jack, and COME ON JACK JEEZ. Okay obviously there was a lot going on and he didn't think the pack was full of a bomb, but if they paid attention to the damn C4, none of this would've happened. Jack pushes Smokey into the water and goes down. They leave Claire behind, thus proving to her again how much they suck. Smokey reassures her she doesn't want to be on that sub.

So yeah, Jack brought the bomb on the sub. And it's counting down. They're not going to be able to get up fast enough to throw it out. Sayid suggests that they try to diffuse the bomb, and Jack says no. Just let it count down, because Smokey can't kill the candidates directly and if they just let it happen, they'll all be fine. He asks Sawyer to trust him. First of all, not many sane people would think that letting a bomb count down would be the best option here and to just put it on faith, and second of all the last time Sawyer listened to Jack his girlfriend died. So that's never going to happen. He pulls the wires and the bomb starts counting down faster. Ruh roh.

Sayid takes the bomb and runs like hell, letting himself blow up and hoping that would afford the others a chance to get out. Goodbye, Sayid. We're really glad you got your redemption! His plan wasn't a bad one, if they did that from the beginning they could let it count down and get closer to the surface. They'd be ready for the blast and be able to swim through the hole. Or maybe they wouldn't have blown up. Oops. Well it's too late now. Frank is the next on the kill list, and it's not like he ever had a chance because he's not even regular cast really. A door blows in and knocks him down, everything filling with water. We don't see him die, but he doesn't get out either, so it's assumed he is probably dead.

Jack gets Hurley to leave with Kate since she's injured, and gives him an oxygen tank for their swim up to the surface. Sun is pinned by a heavy object, but once they get it off her, it turns out she's pinned by something else that can't be moved. Sawyer gets hurt so Jack takes him up. Jin refuses to leave Sun no matter how much she sobs and begs, so they die together, leaving their daughter an orphan. It's just as awful and painful and tragically beautiful as you can imagine. Those were three main cast members from the first season down in one scene: Sun, Jin, and Sayid. Heart? Broken.

Hurley cries on the bank when he hears that their friends are dead, and Jack sheds some jears, and the entire world cries with them because Sun and Jin were an amazing pair. And their Sideways counterparts are alive, but it's not really our Sun and Jin. It's versions of them. Everyone really is going to die on the Island by the end, aren't they? Except for Saint Jack, since he'll probably end up as the next Jacob. Just keep an eye on the C4 from now on, okay Jack? Next week is an all Jacob/MiB story about how the Island came to be. Finally some answers?

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