The amusing part of LOST right now is that they really aren't giving fans any major answers yet, and still when they have a brilliant episode it doesn't really matter to anyone. They can confuse us all if it means Sayid being a crazy badass for an entire hour. Sayid's had a rough season or so. He reunited with his beloved Nadia only to watch her die in front of him, and then he became an assassin for Ben. When he realized what a crazy thing it was to fight for Ben, he found Little Ben in the Dharma and shot him, thus probably sending the creepy kid on his path to becoming a very creepy adult. He was shot by Ben's dad, drowned to death, and then mysteriously brought back to life. Then tortured. Then almost poisoned.

Man it sucks to be Sayid. In both dimensions!

Flash sideways dimension Sayid never married Nadia, oh no, she married his brother Omer instead. Whaaaaaat! They had two kids too, and the kids seem to be Sayid/Nadia shippers as they keep mentioning how much their mom likes Sayid. His brother gets into trouble with a loan shark, and Sayid refuses to go deal with them because he's "not that man." Uh huh. No one believes that. Omer gets the snot beaten out of him and Nadia begs Sayid not to do anything, but the bad guy does something incredibly stupid by sending his goons to get Sayid. This stupidity makes more sense when it turns out to be Martin Keamy, AKA the guy who shot Alex Rousseau in the head. Then Sayid does what he does best and takes them all out in about ten seconds of awesome. Oh Keamy, you deserve being shot both times. The interesting part is that Sayid hears someone banging nearby and he goes to a meat locker, where he finds Jin tied up. Jin says "No English!"

Back on the Island, Sayid demands answers from Dogen who says he should be dead and then they start an epic hand to hand fight scene. This was one of the best choreographed fights on the show to date, and it's fun watching over and over. Dogen almost kills Sayid, but a baseball distracts him and he tells him to go. Miles is like WTF where you going, and he tells Sayid that the Others didn't save him; he was dead and he came alive again. Before he can ask whaaaat, Crazy Claire shows up with a message from Smockey. He wants to see Dogen. Dogen is not having it, so she advises he sends someone else. He decides that someone else will be Sayid, and hilariously enough Sayid agrees to go even though the guy just tried to kill him.  Because Dogen says Smockey is evil and if Sayid is still good, he'll kill him.

It must be said at this point that the Smoke Monster has only killed people who threatened him or manipulated others. The ones actively doing shady things on this show would be Dogen and his people. I'll believe he's evil incarnate when they show us he is, until then, I'm not just going to take torture guy Dogen at his word here. Anyway Sayid goes out there and sees Kate, she goes back to the Temple and is delighted to find out Claire is there. Sayid meets Smockey and stabs him in the chest. It doesn't take. Smockey is all offended but promises Sayid his greatest dream if he helps him out. Sayid thinks to himself 'well this guy didn't drown me or torture me, but instead talked to me like a person, so I'm sold.' Seriously, Dogen and Co., if you want to win people over you're doing it wrong.

Kate tells Claire that she took Aaron and raised him, and she came there to bring Claire to him. Claire doesn't stab her in the neck like everyone thought (hoped?), but warns her that the Smoke Monster was coming and no one could stop him. Sayid comes back and tells everyone that Smockey is giving them a chance: join him outside and get ready to leave the Island, or stay and die. Most people haul butt right outta there. No one can blame them. Then Sayid chills out with Dogen by the water and Dogen tells him about how he was a sucky dad. Yeah, more dad problems. He got drunk and picked his son up from baseball and they got in a car accident. Jacob promised to save the boy if Dogen came to the Island and became one of his people, never to see his kid again.

He asks if Sayid was promised something similar, and he doesn't seem that surprised that he was. So Jacob and Smockey have some similar ways to get people on their side. Offer them things that they want. I'm still not seeing proof who is the good guy and who is the bad guy here, considering that Jacob didn't seem so concerned with leaving all his faithful people to die. Anyway, Sayid then drowns Dogen and it's sad but kind of fine considering Dogen drowned him not too long ago. Then his sidekick comes in and screams and Sayid slits his throat. Seriously, guy? You see him kill your leader and just yell at him? I'd run at that point.

So the Smoke Monster has arrived, and he methodically kills every person inside except for the few he likes. Miles and Kate run, and Kate goes to save Claire, while Miles meets up with Ben, Ilana, Frank, and Sun. They get him out, but Ben runs off to try and get Sayid. Sayid gives him the scariest smile of all time, and Ben's smart enough to know when someone has gone as crazy as him. In the end to incredibly creepy music (set to "Catch a Falling Star" that Claire likes to sing) Sayid, Kate, and Claire walk out of the corpse-ridden Temple. They join Smockey. He doesn't look too happy to see Kate, but lets her follow. Smockey's got an army now. Uh oh!

Next week is a Ben episode. Hopefully with a lot of European History Mr. Linus in the Flash Sideways!

LOST is on ABC Tuesday nights at 9 PM EST.